The Outer Worlds : Peril On Gorgon (DLC) – How To Get The Dealer’s Stash Keycard (Location Guide)

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As you adventure through The Outer Worlds – Peril On Gorgon you will no doubt come to a point where you will most likely need a Keycard in order to access certain places, of course you can always be rude and barge your way inside without one but chances are that won’t actually work out very well.

So lets solve all our problems and hunt down these necessary keycards shall we?

For this specific page we will be covering how to get the Dealer’s Stash Keycard.

First off you may want to travel to the Gorgon Canyon (the location is shown above)

Here you may encounter a door that seems to be locked and requires a keycard of some kind, this of course is where the Dealer’s Stash Keycard is needed

Okay so we have now found the door but where exactly is the Keycard? How do we get inside? Simple! You can start off by heading to the area in the map above

You can find the Dealer’s Stash Keycard here inside a building near the small Spacer’s Choice building (as seen above). It is located next to a locked treasure container. This Keycard isn’t actually the real Dealer’s Stash Keycard, but it will help us to get the real one so we are not quite done yet.

Return to the locked door (the building BEFORE you picked up the Keycard). Then head to the building opposite it, which should be open and free to explore.

Inside here there should be a terminal that you can use. It is a Security Checkpoint Terminal and you will want to respond to the machine by selecting the following options;

  • (1) Security Logs
  • (2) Log Changes
  • (4) Return To Root
  • (2) Print New Security Card
  • (1) Enter Passcode: Getittogethercarter

The once locked door should now be unlocked! Inside this same room should be the REAL Dealer’s Stash Keycard

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