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Our latest review has us trying on tight leather, turning green and taking to the skies as the Marvel Avengers have arrived in yet another Marvel Avengers title, this time for the video game world!

I’ll admit I’m somewhat new to the Marvel universe and I have said this before too, usually when it comes to superhero stuff we fall more into the complete novice category with barely any knowledge of the Marvel world at all.

What actually ended up getting me hooked into the title and enough to purchase it was the story, we won’t give too much away as I personally hate being that person who enjoys ruining people’s enjoyment. However, the whole opening chemistry and bonding between Bruce Banner and Kamala Kahn where it was basically a fan meeting their idol really got to me and I just couldn’t help but want more.
We have or most of us have all been there to some degree, being huge fans of someone and then some of us have even been lucky enough to meet them, as an autograph collector I know that feeling.
So seeing Kamala meeting her idols and then having her life turn around and despite the rocky road which then followed, we know that she was in her element and given a choice would not want to be anywhere else but in the company of her idols.
As I have said before I know next to nothing about Marvel and it’s characters or universe, however after seeing the chemistry or bonding between Doctor Banner and Kamala, Bruce has certainly become one of my favourite characters. In fact I’ll admit I may of turned green myself as I have just this minute come away from watching one of the latest Hulk movies for the very first time.
Of course seeing Kamala meeting all of her other idols was amazing too but you know the saying, there is nothing quite like seeing something for the first time and that such scene just happened to be between Kamala and Bruce, and to be more specific it was the only scene which featured the whole meet and greet thanks to the playable beta which was released prior to the actual full release

Anyway we could connect in a way to Kamala, sadly our lives aren’t quite as heroic as hers and our meet and greets are over rather quickly ha! However, we could see just how much she was enjoying life and we obviously felt rather envious too, it was very touching and that was only the beginning.

Thankfully as we continued to play the game, the story didn’t really go off track from all of this idolising and rather touching aspects. In fact we got soo into it that we didn’t want it to end.
From turning into a huge fan girl to then meeting our idols and becoming a hero in order to work alongside them, amazing!

Anyway, though the story was for the most part great the game did have some flaws to it. Some of these flaws included pacing issues, for example some of the story scenes seemed out of place and thus became rather predetermined and so scenes that where meant to take us by surprise just unfortunately did not have that effect.

The enemies all seemed to look the same too, there was not much variety. You where basically pitted against the same robotic enemies that you have just fought 15 minutes ago in another mission apart from maybe this time they where much bigger, or came with new abilities but you just practically fought their twin not too long ago.
The locations did not help with this neither as they too all seemed to be recycled, you are either flying through canyons or looking at the same four walls that the last mission consisted of.
Also, don’t get me started on the actual mission objectives which just like with the enemies and the locations, did not differ too much neither.

With that in mind and whilst we are still on the subject here, the locations did not just suffer with recyles but they where also rather small too. It would of been great if they where much bigger and featured a range of different objectives to complete. It is a shame that they did not take advantage of the whole multiplayer aspect that this game has too and created something a bit more, the word ‘Raid’ comes to mind as this game definitely has a feel of something equivalent to the online game DC Universe but obviously with Marvel characters instead. Basically everything just felt rushed and short.

The combat is enjoyable enough, though not exactly great as that too felt a bit repetitive at times. Thankfully though you can switch characters if you do end up feeling rather bored, as well as that you can also combo certain abilities too giving some flavour to the overall combat despite the flaws.


For the most part this game was great fun to play and that is coming from someone who isn’t a huge fan of everything Marvel. I just wish or hoped there was a bit more to it, more effort on the types of enemies and locations would of made for a huge improvement.

The story was the only real aspect to the game that kept me going, sadly though that also felt somewhat lacking as it seemed a bit too short combined with the rather small locations that we had to venture through. We literally felt like we where flying through everything.
Just in case you are wondering, there are several different difficulty settings but in all honesty this would not of changed much in comparison to how short everything felt.

Overall the game is still worth playing but in truth I would wait until a price drop before making any real purchases.

(Oh and on a side note if you too enjoy collecting trophies and various in-game collectibles then please be aware that a lot of the collectibles are located in random locations. I wasn’t aware of this and simply put as someone who puts out guides, wasn’t really overall impressed with this. In fact I ended up rage quitting on this very subject. Thankfully this is an optional aspect to the game but I thought I would just throw it out there regardless)

  • ​Developer: Crystal Dynamics / Publisher: Square Enix
    Release Date: September 4th 2020
    Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, XBox One, Stadia
    Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
    Main Story Length: 10-15 Hours
    Platinum Trophy Length: 
    Platform Reviewed On: Playstation 4
  • Overall Rating: 3/5

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