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The Callisto Protocol has many different collectibles that fans and players can find and collected. These usually include both audio logs and implant bios. There is a total of 43 collectibles within the game altogether.

For the purpose of this specific guide we will be concentrating on the collectibles that can be found during the Aftermath mission chapter. There is a total of 8 collectible to be found within this mission

You can keep up with what collectibles that you have managed to find and collect by accessing the menu and selecting the DATA-BIOS option.

(Note: If you get a Game Over screen before reaching the next checkpoint you will then need to go and collect the secrets and collectibles again. The collectibles are not saved after having been collected)

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Locked Door – SGT. Eric Jane)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Locate the Medical Facility
GUIDE: We will find this implant bio after climbing through a vent and finding ourselves in a room with a malfunctioning security robot. Here there will be a door to Laundry B202, it is currently locked. This will lead us to having to find the credentials in order to unlock it. We can then find the collectible on the body of SGT Eric Jane. Next to the security robot.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Laundry – OFC Pruitt Matos)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Locate the Medical Facility
GUIDE: This implant bio is located on the body of Ofc Pruitt Matos, who is located in the Office B112. You will have to pass through the B2 Laundry room to get there.

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Secret Room 1)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Locate the Medical Facility
GUIDE: Head through the B3 Maintenance room and continue through here to reach a vent and a locked door. There are also enemy targets within this room but they seem to disappear, for now. We can either cut the supply to the room using the nearby fuse box or climb the vent, either way we need to be inside this room.

Once inside proceed and climb through the next vent, this vent will be a rather long one. Once at the end run down the corridor and drop through the hole in the ground. Down here there will be a room with red banners on the wall. The collectible is in here, towards the back of the room.

To exit this area simply climb up the ladders by the elevator lift.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (MedLab Outbreak – DR Ewan Hayes)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Locate the Medical Facility
GUIDE: Head to the Medical Facility (Medical Ward C101), which is a story related location. Here we can find the body of DR. Ewan Hayes on the other side of the door.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Hanged Guard – OFC Dachs Symmons)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the Back Exit
GUIDE: After interacting with the Reforge and exiting the Operating C104 room, proceed and head to the Med Observation C108. The collectible is just a little beyond this room, in the Maintenance C110.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (OFC Kerry Brown)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Out of the Basement
GUIDE: After the nightmarish elevator ride we will then find ourselves in the basement. Proceed through the area until you come across an active fan. The collectible is located behind this fan.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Tadhg Song)
GUIDE: After riding the SHU lift and meeting up with Elias. Proceed to ride the gondola across to the other side. From there collect the gate fuse and climb the crates to the top platform, near the entrance. The collectible is up here.

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Dani Nakamura)
GUIDE: This one is not exactly part of the DATA-BIOS menu. It is basically an added extra and you can find it after freeing the inmate and being locked inside a cell. This is all part of the main story. The collectible itself will be sitting on the table inside the cell.


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