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The Callisto Protocol has many different collectibles that fans and players can find and collected. These usually include both audio logs and implant bios. There is a total of 43 collectibles within the game altogether.

For the purpose of this specific guide we will be concentrating on the collectibles that can be found during the Habitat mission chapter. There is a total of 7 collectible to be found within this mission

You can keep up with what collectibles that you have managed to find and collect by accessing the menu and selecting the DATA-BIOS option.

(Note: If you get a Game Over screen before reaching the next checkpoint you will then need to go and collect the secrets and collectibles again. The collectibles are not saved after having been collected)

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Corruptors)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Follow the Red Pipe
GUIDE: After passing through the sewerage water and climbing up a vent, you will then come across both a scene involving Elias and the door leading to Purification B H207. Climb up the crate box next to this door in order to find the audio log.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Crosswired – OFC Bruno Vorenus)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Follow the Red Pipe
GUIDE: Enter the vent next to the Purification B H207 door, in this next room we will find several gate fuses. Alongside the implant bio collectible too.

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Cocoons)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Follow the Red Pipe
GUIDE: Before accessing the Water Control H262 room continue on past it to find Storage Hall H239, unlock it. Here insert the Gate Fuse and the collectible will be found in this next room.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Suicide Guard – OFC James Reese)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get Code from Guard
GUIDE: This one is actually story related. Once you access the Water Control H262 we will then be tasked with finding a code from one of the guards. This code is both story related and part of the implant bio collectibles.

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Security – OFC James Reese)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get the Code from the Guard
GUIDE: Head to the Oxygen Processing building and take the path left, towards the Botanical H624. Follow the corridor and shimmy through the tight gap at the end.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (SGT Bill Pekelo)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get Code from Guard
GUIDE: This one is actually story related and requires us to pay a visit to the Oxygen Processing building. Here head through the door to the right and proceed through the foggy misty rooms, it will actually be quite difficult to see. There are also plenty of monsters and creatures here too.

Anyway crouch down and continue through the corridor, defeat the monster here and enter the Distillation H628 room. Once inside smash the window and grab the Gate Fuse to unlock the door.

To the right there will be a crate box that we can climb alongside a vent, head through here to find the code from the guard and our next implant bio.

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Evacuation)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the Utility Hatch
GUIDE: After finding the code to activate the tram proceed and head to Utility H630. In here there will be a door to the left that leads to Hall H631, destroy the panel next to the door in order to unlock it. The audio log is in here, alongside several enemy targets.


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