The Callisto Protocol – How To Find The Skunk Gun Schematic (Shotgun)

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The Skunk Gun is a shotgun weapon within The Callisto Protocol. It can be found and collected during the Aftermath mission chapter.

The weapon itself requires you to first find the Skunk Gun Schematic before we can unlock it. Once you have the schematic you can then simply take it to the Reforge, where you can then upload and purchase it. The Skunk Gun requires 800 Callisto Credits in order to purchase it.


In order to find the Skunk Gun schematic you will need to find yourself on the Aftermath mission chapter. Which is the third story mission within The Callisto Protocol.

From there keep playing as normal. Until you are then tasked with ‘Finding a Way out of the Basement’. This mission objective will be available to us after the nightmarish elevator ride that sees Jacob franticly trying to stop the elevator from crashing to the ground and Elias struggling to help stop it from afar.

This then sees us in the dark and somewhat linear basement. Here can then begin our search for the Skunk Gun schematic.

Before entering the SHU Access D303, eliminate the enemies here and you will come across a locked door that leads to Workshop D302. It is inside here where we will find our schematic. Still we need to find a way to unlock the door first.

By this locked gate there will be a body sitting, do not worry it is no threat. However, it does carry the required Gate Fuse. Grab the fuse and return back to the entrance of this area, to where the elevator crashed.

Here we will find another locked gate. This gate actually leads to the Workshop D302. In order to unlock it we will need a fuse, thankfully we just managed to find one. Insert it and unlock the gate door.

Here we will find a vent that we can climb through, go ahead and do so. We will now be inside Workshop D302. Here we can find the Skunk Gun schematic.

Now take this Skunk Gun schematic to any Reforge station and you can then purchase the weapon for 800 Callisto Credits.


(A prototype one-handed shotgun currently being tested in Black Iron. Developed by the Io Armaments Skunkworks Division)

The Skunk Gun is a shotgun that costs 800 Callisto Credits.

The Skunk Gun upgrades include the following;

High Capacity Magazine Upgrade (Alters the magazine well to accept high capacity magazines – 400 Credits)

Stability Upgrade (Reconfigures print with the addition of a foregrip to reduce weapon recoil – 1,200 Credits)

Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade (Increases the damage potential of the weapon by adding extra propellant to all ammunition – 1,200 Credits)

Swarming Rounds (Modifies this weapon to firing homing ammo that swarms nearby enemies – 3,600 Credits)


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