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The Callisto Protocol has many different collectibles that fans and players can find and collected. These usually include both audio logs and implant bios. There is a total of 43 collectibles within the game altogether.

For the purpose of this specific guide we will be concentrating on the collectibles that can be found during the Below mission chapter. There is a total of 5 collectible to be found within this mission

You can keep up with what collectibles that you have managed to find and collect by accessing the menu and selecting the DATA-BIOS option.

(Note: If you get a Game Over screen before reaching the next checkpoint you will then need to go and collect the secrets and collectibles again. The collectibles are not saved after having been collected)

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Field Log 1)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find Another Way Down
GUIDE: After the scene where Jacob finds himself tied upside down and separated from Dani, head into the next room and the audio log can be found on the table.

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Field Log 2)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find Another Way Down
GUIDE: When you reach the first Reforge of the mission proceed on and crawl through the tunnel. From there climb up the various ledges and enter a room full of those blind creatures that you encountered earlier. Stay crouched to avoid detection.

In this area there will be a room to the right, head in here and turn left to find this collectible.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Field Log 3 – DR. Sheehan Yune)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Locate the Power Reactor
GUIDE: After successfully finding the keycard and gaining access to the Power Tunnels, proceed through the area and there will be a tunnel to the right. This tunnel will lead to a dead end along with our implant bio.

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Secret Room 2)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Locate the Power Reactor
GUIDE: Before entering the Power Reactor, head up the ladders and next to the Power Reactor room there is a rock wall that we can shimmy through, go ahead and do so. At the end of this path proceed and drop down further into the cave section. Keep following these caves and tunnels until you reach the end. Here we can find the Secret Room. If you have the other Secret Room audio log then The Commonality trophy achievement should then pop!

(Note: In order to exit the area simply exit the Secret Room and keep to the left in order to find a set of stairs leading up to the Power Reactor room)

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Arcas Evacuation – Arden Jeddha)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Ride the Platform to Arcas
GUIDE: After the boss fight against the two-head, close to the end of the mission chapter. Proceed and head towards the door. The collectible is just next to this door.


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