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Here we guide you through on how to solve all leads in the Metacentre, resulting in the Journalist Trophy/Achievement

LEAD #1 
LEAD: Silhouette
STEPS: In Alex Dubois’ interview with Detective Holden, the term ‘Silhouette’ keeps cropping up in relation to The Union Act

Find a document called ‘Silhouette’. Print it and fax to Mina


Head to the highest floor, in this case Floor 2. The room you are wanting is behind the ‘Staff Only’ signs, you should now be in the Silhouette Offices.
Here use the Fuse Box and flip the Silhouette Offices switch On, this will power the Computers. Grab the Floppy Disk by the Computer nearest the door/Gate.
Now using one of the Computers, you will want to copy the file entitled DSC on to the Disk you just picked up. The file is in the Documents section

* We now need a Printing Machine so in the top left of the room, there should be small set of stairs near a half open Window. This is where you will find a Vent, open the Vent.
Head down the Ladder and then turn and climb down the following Ladder too. Now approach the room that is currently all dark and gated shut, this is the Printing Room, remember it as we will be returning here later too. Now there should be a smashed window near the door, if you look through this hole you will be able to see a White Switch on the door, this will unlock it. Inside use the Fuse Box to power up the Computer. Insert the Floppy Disk and begin Printing.

* After Print we are now in search of a Fax Machine. To escape this room we need to climb up the first ladder, then squeeze yourself on to the other side of the room. On the other side hit the Switch Switch to open the Shutters.
We need to get to the Ground Floor. Right next to the Stairs is a set of double doors with Staff Only written on them, we need to be inside here. Once inside keep to the Left and the Scanner in on the table next to the door to 087. Use the Fax and Scanner to finish the Lead.
(NOTE: You may need to wait for your Pager to go off in order to collected the Faxed letter)


LEAD: Explosion
STEPS: Mina had heard reports from a member of the public who visited The Metacentre today saying that there is evidence which proves this wasn’t the work of one person.

Get access to the Incident site & find evidence of a cover up


For this one we need to be on Floor 1. Just past room the Stock Room should be a Gated area, these Gates do not open until 4:40pm, so come back then if it is not yet open. Once it is however, coming here will lead to the Incident Site
Now here you need to climb up the ladder which is kind of hidden in a small section, here go up the steps. Use the Clamp to destroy part of the building and a Safe will fall through the floor.
Now descend back down the Ladder, we need to get to that fallen Safe which is in the middle of the room so use the Ladders to get there. Inside the Safe is a Vinyl Collectable as well as an important Floppy Disk. After collecting those, we now need to Print the contents of our new Floppy. 

* Now the Print Machine is right next to use, if you have not yet been in here then you can unlock the door via the smashed window, look for a little white switch on the door to unlock it and use the Fuse Box to power up the Computer.
Use the Computer here to Print the contents of the new Floppy Disk to complete the Lead.


LEAD: Bowman
STEPS: A tape with an important interview between Charles Bowman and Det. Holden has been taken by a worker – It may have useful information on it

Find and play Det. Holden’s missing Interview Tape

WALKTHROUGH:* Now on Ground Floor. There are a set of Double Doors with Staff Only written on (next to Elevator / Lift), we need to be in there.
If you keep to the left you will come to a small table which has a Love Letter on it. For this Lead it is basically a series of finding and collecting notes like these. The next letter can be found on Marlon the Cleaner’s Trolly, so find it and search it.
The third letter can be found in the Woman’s Toilet in their Locker room, it sits on top of the Lockers.

* For the next one you will need to head for Floor 2. Whilst on this Floor there should be a Window you can go through, it is next to the Purple Gate / Silhouette Offices.
Whilst outside keep following the only path possible and head into the next Window which will lead to the Silhouette Offices. Inside the Offices head up the sets of steps to reach what looks like an Attic
At the end of this room will be a Piano, if you inspect the Piano you will find the next letter. 

* Now exit the Attic either via the way you came in or the Vent in the corner opposite the Piano. Return to the Ground Floor. If you enter the Men’s Toilet it will lead to the Baths. Head up the stairs to the Second Floor.
Now there should be a small room up here next to Marlon (if he is here) now facing toward the entrance you want to go along the walkway to the right of this small room. It will lead to a Tape (it is under the set of Chairs here)
Now to complete this final Lead you need to take this new Tape and go into the small room here and play it, thus concluding the Leads netting you the Trophy Achievement Journalist and if you have managed to get all of the Leads from the other Chapter, you should also get Investigator for completing all Leads within the game.

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