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Here we guide you through on how to solve all leads in the Carson Offices, resulting in the Reporter Trophy/Achievement


LEAD: The Union Act
STEPS: Alex Dubois reportedly created a digital report called ‘The true Union Act figures’ which proves the figures for deportation are being ‘wildly under represented’

*Find and print ‘The true Union Act figures’ to question Carla Burman about


Floor 1 head for the Blue Elevator Lift and on the wall of this Lift is a panel you can move which leads to a Ladder, climb this Ladder.
​(You are now in the Vents, remember this place as we will be using it quite a bit)

* You should now be on Floor 2. If you look at the wall you should see ‘Room 118’ follow the vents to that room (Alex Dubois room)
(There are many different way to enter Duboi’s room but this is the easiest and safest)

* Now before we can progress with this Lead we first need a Floppy Disk to copy content onto. Unfortunately there is none in this room.
Thus we need to find one, one of which can be found in Carla Burman’s room by her PC. Carla’s room can either be accessed by going into the Vent in the Printing Room and getting her ID Card from the Pink BagOr since we are now in Duboi’s room we can leave out of the window in this room.
If you follow the planks outside of this Window it will lead to Carla’s room. Open her window and sneak in. 

* Now we should have a Floppy Disk. Return to Duboi’s Room. In his room head to his Computer PC and enter SPUFF7 as the Password
Remember to insert the Floppy Disk. You can browse through Duboi’s various emails if you so wish but the one we need is listed under Saved and entitled Union Act For Good Now at the top should be an Icon to Copy the email, do so. The email should now be Copied onto the Disk. (Remember to take the Floppy back out when you are done)

* Now we need to Print it. So our next objective is to head to the Printer. Leave Duboi’s room via the Vents that you came through or the door in Carla’s room. Do NOT go through the colour ID gates as this will render the Floppy Disk useless and it will thus then need repairing. 
Before we begin Printing we will need some Tokens for the Printer, Tokens can be found almost anywhere but there are at least 3 of them in the table drawer in the Printing Room (Floor 2)
After collecting the Tokens head for Floor 1 Public Printer

* Insert the Token and Floppy and begin Printing, once Printed remember to take the sheet of Printed Paper and this Lead is now solved


LEAD: The Phone Records
STEPS: At the time of the attack, Alex says he wasn’t in the facility, he believes that Detective Holden has the Phone Records to prove it

* Find Det. Holden’s phone records, they might prove Alex wasn’t there


On Floor 2 and to the left of the stairs, there should be some double doors with Staff Only written on (it is by the Stock Room) Head through these Staff Only doors and enter the door that reads 213 Debbie Locke
Now an Alarm may sound whilst in here, if so you can hide by crouching under the table in the left corner (one with Books on)
What we want to do in this room is to head over to the Safe in the corner and insert the passcode 1723 Now we get to wait a whole 2 minutes before we can proceed. Once the 2 minutes are over head back to the Safe and turn the Dial (2) and then pull the door handle to open it.


LEAD: Stolen ID 
STEPS: Alex claims that his keycard was stolen

* To prove this you will require the email he sent to Carla prior to the bombing


* On Floor 1 head back through the Vents via the Blue Lift wall. Head back to room 118 Alex Duboi’s room. Now we do not need his room as such but instead head through the window to Carla’s room as it is her room in which we need, again there are multiple ways to enter her room but this is probably the easiest and safest. If she seems glitched in her room for some reason (it happened to me) then you will need to go to her door and thus she will hopefully walk out. 
Once in Carla’s room go to her PC and enter the passcode GEO the email you want can be found within the Deleted Emails section.
You want to use the Floppy Disk to copy this email and then head for the Floor 1 Public Printer to print and solve the Lead
This Lead is quite simple as it so similar to the Union Act Lead


LEAD: Carla Vendetta
STEPS: It is suggested that Carla had a vendetta against Alex, however Carla suggests he threatened her on a voice message.

* To prove he didn’t threaten her, you must find the recording of the message.


* On Floor 1 again head through the Vent via the Blue Lift. This time you want to climb the Ladder all the way to the very top.
Now there should be a lever to a set of Ladders to your left, active this and climb down the Ladders. At the bottom follow the arrow to the Lost Property HOWEVER stop when the sign for Jemma Hughes appears on the floor, it is her room we need next

* Inside Jemma’s room should be a Vent on the floor, remove this and go inside to see a Switch Panel, turn all of them Off

* Now return to the Vents. Follow the arrows to Lost Property and it will lead to a huge fat Cable and at the end a Green Bag and what looks like a Blue Print. Here you can find an ID Card. Head down the Ladder here to the Staff Lockers, due to our previous actions all of these Lockers should be open. We need the Tape from Locker 2. Listening to this Tape will result in the final Lead being solved. You can find a Tape Player almost anywhere but if your struggling, there is one in Alex Duboi’s room.

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