The Outer Worlds : How To Recruit Vicar Max / Illustrated Manual (Companion Quest) Guide

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There are many different recruit-able companions and Vicar Max is just one of them. He can also be recruited quite early on in the game too.

Vicar Max is a longtime serving Vicar of the Church in Edgewater. His quest actually connects to the main story too, thus the game practically gives you this one.
However, if you are still unsure how to recruit him or just need help on how to complete his quests, we have tried to compile a guide on how to do so below.. 

As you progress through the story, speaking to the boss of Edgewater (Reed Tobson) and as long as you managed to recruit the female here too, which shouldn’t be too difficult as she opts to join you anyway.

However, as you begin to make preparations to leave. Your new female friend will briefly ask you to stop and in doing so, she will tell you about Vicar Max and thus a new optional part of the story opens up to you. 

Vicar Max lives in the Church in this town, in fact it is the only Church here too. Up on talking to him, you will discover that he is somewhat eager to get his hands on a specific book and thus his quest begins.

Thanks to the quest markers you will learn of where to go next, it will be an Abandoned Outpost to the East. The item you want is in the small room downstairs. Upon closer inspection of this said item (Collectors Letter), you will need to travel to a small Cave.

Don’t worry this cave is actually empty of anything dangerous, except for the minor mines on the floor of course, oops hopefully it wasn’t too late (don’t worry I actually stood on them and ended up dying, was a sad and eventful day). The book itself can be found within the Safe here. If you did not bring any lock-picks with you, there should be plenty of them sitting on the shelf next to you. (Mag-Pick)

Now with book in hand, you can safely return back to Vicar Max to recruit him and end the quest!

Vicar Max mainly specialises in:

Bonus Support Hack: +10 Hack
Sermon: +20% Dialog Combat Effect Duration
Mad Max: +20% Science Weapon Damage

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