The Outer Worlds : How To Recruit Parvati (Stranger In A Stranger Land) Guide

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There are many different characters that you can recruit within The Outer Worlds game, one such individual is Parvati.

Many of these characters have their own unique abilities and specializations.

Parvati specialises in Engineering, Modding and Synchronicity. She is also likely to be one of the first companions that you can recruit too. Upon recruiting here you will end up obtaining the Best Friend Trophy Achievement

NAME: Parvati
QUEST: Stranger in a Stranger Land
Bonus Support Engineering: +10 Engineering
Mod Finder: +10% Chance to extract Mods in the Field
Synchronicity: +25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter

Parvati will probably be the first companion that you end up recruiting. She will actually be attached to the games main story, thus making it somewhat difficult to miss out on. 

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