The Outer Worlds : How To Recruit Ellie (Worst Contact) Guide

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The Worst Contact is another optional side quest, although having said optional this one unlike most of them is actually a companion side quest.

Here you can recruit Ellie to your team. In order to activate the quest though, you will first need to be in GroundBreaker. Once there head for the Medical Centre and here you should see a ginger haired woman arguing with a Doctor about something.

Ellie is the person arguing with this Doctor. Apparently they will not allow her to see her friend, Jessie Doyle. Thus it is up to us to find her and speak to her.

Before heading into the Restricted Area though, be sure to pick up the nearby ID Cartridge to escape being detected. With the ID in hand we can no safely go and see Jessie Doyle.

It seems though Jessie is not actually guilty of anything she does have her issues, thus solve them in order to complete this quest and get Ellie as a new companion. 

Ellie mainly specializes in:

  • Bonus Support Medical: (+10 Medical),
  • First Responder: (+20% Heal amount granted by Medical Inhaler.)
  • CPR: (Recover 25% Health when fatally wounded.)

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