The Outer Worlds : The Cleaning Machine (Recruit SAM) Guide

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The Cleaning Machine is another simple and easy side quest. However, unlike most side quests this one actually unlocks a new companion for your team.

SAM is a cleaning machine and thus he goes around wanting to clean stuff. The machine’s quest though is also simple due to the fact it all can be completed within your lovely trusted ship, The Unreliable

One first inspection you may find this lovely little robot as nothing more than a simple machine, perhaps some decoration aboard the ship.
However, on closer inspection it turns out this neat little guy can be powered on and used in battle!

Thus head up the stairs and approach him and you will learn of a certain valuable missing requirement, this requirement (Acid Steeper) is needed in order to be able to turn him on.

After speaking to Ada and installing the Acid Sleeper, this guy is good to go!

SAM mainly specialises in:

  • Bonus Support Intimidate: +10 Intimidate
  • Bad Samaritan: +20 Damage to Automechanicals

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