The Outer Worlds : Impossible Mission (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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The Impossible Mission trophy achievement is actually quite an easy one to get. It requires you to bring a disguise to a building that otherwise would be hostile.

Whilst in this otherwise hostile location, you will want to get caught several times which lets be honest is an easy enough task anyway. However, now here comes the fun or shall we say possible grinding part.

Though, you can do this quite early on in the game, you may end up noticing that your dialogue options are not high enough, things such as PersuadeLie and so forth. These dialogue options are essential to this part, mainly due to the fact you need to not only get caught but to hopefully convince them not to attack you on the spot too.

So how does one go about doing this then, you may ask? Well firstly you will need the Holographic Shroud which becomes available to you as you progress the story. 

After that you will need the correct corresponding ID Cartridge to enter the otherwise hostile location, the ID Cartridge will allow you to go into the hostile area undetected, it is essentially a disguise. 

From there get caught and worm your way out of getting into trouble until the trophy / achievement pops! It is quite simple as long as you have good dialogue skills and of course the required gear too.

For the sake of the video guide above, I opted to use the Boarst Factory as my location to get this trophy achievement. The Factory becomes available in the Terra 2 world. However, any area will suffice. 

If your stuck on how to get either the Holographic Shroud and/or ID Cartridges then please refer to the guide here: ID Cartridge / Holographic Shroud

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