The Quarry – All 6 Collectibles (Chapter 3 – Trouble In Paradise) Locations Guide

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The Quarry has many different available collectibles for you to find throughout the game. Each chapter will feature a set amount of collectibles. The Quarry has a total of 10 chapters altogether, including a chapter prologue.

These hidden collectibles include Tarot Cards, Clues, and Evidence. Getting them all will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Decked Out, Forewarned is Forewarned, Meddling Kids!, It’s All Coming Together, What’s This?, Conspiracy Theorist, and The Truth Is Out There

This specific page will be focused on finding the collectibles throughout Chapter 3 – Trouble In Paradise. There are a total of 6 collectibles to find within this chapter

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Truth Or Dare

TYPE: Tarot Card #5
DESCRIPTION: The Tower. Jump free of your troubles. Fight or flight. That’s the question we all ask ourselves… but often when leaping out of danger, we’re still faced with certain peril. Watch your step, it could be your last.
GUIDE: Whilst playing as the character Abi continue through the dark woods, the camera will point towards the Tarot Card. It will be on a tree.

TYPE: Tarot Card #4
DESCRIPTION: Oh, it’s The Star. Stars. In the night sky. Beacons of light. Dreams of hope, purpose… or a reminder of our insignificance, fear of despair. Trust in the light of the star, with it comes clarity, and sometimes proof.
GUIDE: Switching to the character Jakob now. Head to the pier and you will find the card by the boats.

TYPE: Hackett History Clue #4
COLLECTIBLE: No Swimming Sign
DESCRIPTION: A handmade sign warning people off swimming near the boathouse. How dangerous can a lake be?
GUIDE: You can spot this sign by the pier.

TYPE: Freakshow Fire Clue #6
COLLECTIBLE: North Kill Gazette
LOCATION: Boathouse
GUIDE: This one is located under the boat house, by the pier. It sits on a table.

TYPE: Hackett History Clue #5
LOCATION: Boathouse
DESCRIPTION: A faded camp photograph from the 1970s. According to the names printed below, two of the boys in the picture appear to be Hacketts.
GUIDE: This can be found on one of the pillars, by the tables.

TYPE: Evidence #3
COLLECTIBLE: Bloated Corpse
LOCATION: Lake Septimus
DESCRIPTION: A bloated, decomposing corpse chained to the bottom of the lake
GUIDE: In order to get this evidence you are required to choose the Steal Rotor Arm option during Chapter 1. From there we will eventually get a scene where we will end up losing the rotor arm and be presented with the following options; Dive In or Help Abi Choose to Dive In

By trying to grab the rotor arm we will stumble across the ‘bloated corpse’

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Don’t Panic


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