The Quarry – All 5 Collectibles (Chapter 4 – Don’t Panic) Locations Guide

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The Quarry has many different available collectibles for you to find throughout the game. Each chapter will feature a set amount of collectibles. The Quarry has a total of 10 chapters altogether, including a chapter prologue.

These hidden collectibles include Tarot Cards, Clues, and Evidence. Getting them all will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Decked Out, Forewarned is Forewarned, Meddling Kids!, It’s All Coming Together, What’s This?, Conspiracy Theorist, and The Truth Is Out There

This specific page will be focused on finding the collectibles throughout Chapter 4 – Don’t Panic. There are a total of 5 collectibles to find within this chapter

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Trouble In Paradise

TYPE: Tarot Card #7
DESCRIPTION: The Magician! The incredible, the unbelievable. The mystical sensational!… Perceptive manipulation – the work of a magician. Now you see it. Now you don’t. Blink and you miss it. And you wouldn’t want to miss it.
GUIDE: Whilst playing as Emma turn around and head down the steps towards the lake. Here you will find the tarot card.

TYPE: Hackett History Clue #7
LOCATION: The Island
DESCRIPTION: A box of matches from the Harbinger Motel. A few match sticks have been snapped off, and there are marks on the striking surface.
GUIDE: Head past the steps leading up and a scene will occur. Continue on following the path on the right. Another scene will occur.

We will now be at a set of ladders, ignore them for now. The collectible is on the floor to the left, by the bonfire.

TYPE: Hackett History Clue #6
COLLECTIBLE: Police Car Keys
LOCATION: Treehouse
DESCRIPTION: These keys belong to the North Kill Police Department. What are they doing all the way out here on the island in the treehouse at Hackett’s Quarry?
GUIDE: Return to the steps leading up, climb them. This will take us to a hut. Do not enter the hut just yet.

The Police Car Keys can be found by the hut window

TYPE: Evidence #4
LOCATION: Treehouse
DESCRIPTION: A blurry, close-up photo of Emma being attacked at the treehouse.
GUIDE: Enter the treehouse hut now. Here we will be given the choice to either Open Trapdoor or Search Bag. Choose the Search Bag option

We will then get a scene and another set of options to choose from, Use Bear Spray or Use Taser. Choose the Use Taser option

After using the taser be sure to take a photo

TYPE: Tarot Card #6
DESCRIPTION: Strength. Strength can be surprising. Knowing one’s own raw power. Tapping into a previously unknown energy. I suppose there are forces at work within us all.. and with one hand it gives, and with the other it could rip away.
GUIDE: As Dylan we will come across a scene involving a wheelbarrow and the team talking about horses. Keep your eyes open as you will have a very short limited time in which to grab this one.

As soon as the scene switches from the wheelbarrow, the camera will then switch to a room full of tables. Take the tarot card and be quick!

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – White Noise


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