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The Quarry has many different available collectibles for you to find throughout the game. Each chapter will feature a set amount of collectibles. The Quarry has a total of 10 chapters altogether, including a chapter prologue.

These hidden collectibles include Tarot Cards, Clues, and Evidence. Getting them all will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Decked Out, Forewarned is Forewarned, Meddling Kids!, It’s All Coming Together, What’s This?, Conspiracy Theorist, and The Truth Is Out There

This specific page will be focused on finding the collectibles throughout Chapter 7 – The Past Behind Us. There are a total of 6 collectibles to find within this chapter

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 6 – Prayers By Night

TYPE: Tarot Card #13
LOCATION: Laura’s Cell
DESCRIPTION: Ah, The World… Often travellers’ paths are direct. But sometimes, it is not so simple. Sometimes they’re intertwined with others. Compassion over anger. You’ll need friends where you’re going. It is not until we fall into the belly of the beast that we realize how perilous things can be.
GUIDE: Whilst playing as Laura you will find yourself in a cell. Head towards the cell door to find the tarot card under the bed.

TYPE: Hackett History Clue #9
COLLECTIBLE: Scrawled Limerick
LOCATION: Laura’s Cell
DESCRIPTION: This doesn’t paint a particularly favourable picture of Sheriff Hackett, and perhaps this isn’t the first time he’s locked someone up illegally.
GUIDE: This next one can also be found inside the cell. Simply inspect the wall.

TYPE: Tarot Card #12
DESCRIPTION: The Chariot! At the reins of a chariot, we would all feel safer. Taking control, relying on determination to make our choices. Valiant… but in some cases foolish. Many seek refuge in chariots, but perhaps, in some cases, they’re not as safe as we think they are.
GUIDE: When we regain control of Laura we will now be able to escape the cell. From here keep exploring until you reach a room full of desks. The tarot card is in here.

TYPE: Evidence #7
COLLECTIBLE: Cease & Desist Letter
LOCATION: Sheriff’s Office
DESCRIPTION: A letter instructing those behind the ‘Bizarre Yet Bonafide’ podcast to stop investigating Hackett’s Quarry.
GUIDE: From the tarot card simply head up the small flight of steps. The letter is on the table here.

TYPE: Freakshow Fire Clue #7
COLLECTIBLE: Charred Sheriff’s Badge
LOCATION: Sheriff’s Office
DESCRIPTION: This old Sheriff’s badge is badly fire damaged. Does it belong to the current Sheriff, or one of his predecessors?
GUIDE: Head up the longer flight of stairs now. Then enter the second door on the left. You can find the badge on the cardboard box.

TYPE: Hackett History Clue #10
COLLECTIBLE: Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast
LOCATION: Sheriff’s Office
DESCRIPTION: An episode of the supernatural investigation podcast ‘Bizarre Yet Bonafide’, exploring the mysteries around the Hag of Hackett’s Quarry.
GUIDE: Whilst on the second floor of the office building, we will now want to enter the other door up here. The door we passed earlier.

Inside this room go ahead and inspect the bulletin board, we will find a birthday card. This will also give us a password that we will need to remember, 1965.

Continue into the only other room we have yet to explore whilst on the second floor. In this room we will find a calendar on the wall. We will then find out that the birthday was July 7th.

Head back to the ground floor and continue up the small set of stairs and into the following room. In here there will be a computer.

Inspect the computer and we will need to insert a password, our hint is a birthday. Laura will then automatically input the password, providing that you have inspecting both the wall calendar and birthday card in the previous rooms.

This will also unlock the Bizzare Yet Bonafide trophy achievement

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – The Belly Of The Beast


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