The Quarry – All 6 Collectibles (Chapter 6 – Prayers By Night) Locations Guide

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The Quarry has many different available collectibles for you to find throughout the game. Each chapter will feature a set amount of collectibles. The Quarry has a total of 10 chapters altogether, including a chapter prologue.

These hidden collectibles include Tarot Cards, Clues, and Evidence. Getting them all will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Decked Out, Forewarned is Forewarned, Meddling Kids!, It’s All Coming Together, What’s This?, Conspiracy Theorist, and The Truth Is Out There

This specific page will be focused on finding the collectibles throughout Chapter 6 – Prayers By Night. There are a total of 6 collectibles to find within this chapter

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – White Noise

TYPE: Evidence #6
LOCATION: Hackett Woods
DESCRIPTION: The memory card from a broken and dirty camera, lost in the woods.
GUIDE: Whilst playing as Jacob head up the steps and follow the wooden platform. The memory card can be found in the corner of this platform, near the cliff wall.

TYPE: Tarot Card #10
DESCRIPTION: Justice… An eye for an eye. Not exactly, in some cases… but cause and effect. Actions and consequences. There’s a balance to everything, and we all play a part in making sure the scales aren’t tipped.
GUIDE: Head down the steps now and away from the wooden platform. Once you reach the bottom step turn and head left to find this one.

TYPE: Camp History Clue #11
COLLECTIBLE: Campers Photo
LOCATION: Poolhouse
DESCRIPTION: A recent piece of camp history. A younger Ryan enjoying his time at camp with Chris Hackett’s kids, Caleb and Kaylee.
GUIDE: We will now be playing as Abigail. You can find this one at the bulletin board.

TYPE: Tarot Card #11
LOCATION: Poolhouse
DESCRIPTION: The Moon. How poignant. Tonight of all nights. To harness your fear and anxiety… and turn them in to intuition. If you can do this, and plan ahead – your cunning might just save your life.
GUIDE: At the Poolhouse head into the shower room to find The Moon tarot card.

TYPE: Camp History Clue #10
COLLECTIBLE: Spooky Drawing
LOCATION: Poolhouse
DESCRIPTION: Among the miscellany of these forgotten belongings is a scribbled drawing of a woman in the woods. Those ghost stories seem to have really left a mark.
GUIDE: Whilst at the poolhouse you will come across a locker, just by the shower room. The drawing is inside.

TYPE: Camp History Clue #9
COLLECTIBLE: Kid’s Letter Home
DESCRIPTION: The camper that wrote this must have had a change of heart and decided not to send this letter home. Ghost stories are only stories, after all.
GUIDE: When playing as Emma, you will find this letter by the tent

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 7 – The Past Behind Us


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