The Quarry – Should’ve Gone To The Motel (Laura & Max Reunited) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Should’ve Gone To The Motel is one of the many available trophy achievements that players can unlock within The Quarry. It involves reuniting both Laura and Max

The trophy achievement can be unlocked during Chapter 9 – The Matriarch, whilst playing as Laura and Ryan. It unlocks the other available path in this chapter, with the other path unlocking the Phlebotomy trophy achievement

During Chapter 9 – The Matriarch Laura, who will now be a werewolf, will ask Ryan if she can bite him. Basically she wants to feed on him.

As Laura asks we will then be presented with the following dialogue options; Accept or Decline. For the purpose of this guide we want to select the Decline option

After declining Laura we will then want to continue playing through the game until we find ourselves playing as Ryan and falling through the floor.

As Ryan we will then have the option to shoot and eliminate the monster, go head and do so.

With the monster now dead we will now be playing as Laura and be inside the Hackett Family Home. Laura will then notice a shotgun, it is basically the same weapon that Ryan was using.

Our job here is to be ready for the QTE segment and quickly grab this shotgun. From there our final job in order to complete this trophy achievement is to shoot and eliminate Travis (Off topic a bit but having actor Ted Raimi in this game is amazing!)

Anyway with Travis now having been dealt with, the Should’ve Gone To The Motel trophy achievement will now be unlocked

(Note: The trophy achievement will only appear after the chapter has been completed)


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