The Quarry – Family Matters (Killed All The Hacketts) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Family Matters is one of the many available trophy achievements that players can unlock within The Quarry. It involves killing all of the Hacketts

There is a total of 6 Hackett family members, this includes; Constance, Bobby, Jedediah, Chris, Travis, and Caleb.

The trophy achievement can be unlocked from Chapter 9 – The Matriarch, where we see Laura meeting up with Constance. It involves completing several different tasks, most of which can actually be done during Chapter 9


During Chapter 9 – The Matriarch we will be playing as the character Laura, who will eventually meet up with Constance. This meeting will result in a fight between both characters. (Off topic a bit but having actress Lin Shaye playing Constance is amazing!)

Anyway enough fangirling. During the fight we will get a button prompt, we will want to proceed with this prompt by either mashing the X or A button. Depending on what platform you are on.

Constantly mashing the required button will result in the fall of Constance.


After the fall of Constance we will now switch over to Ryan who will be trying to fend off Bobby. During this scene we will find Ryan having been stabbed and attempt to remove the knife. DO NOT remove this knife. Instead let the red timer run out and do nothing.


We will then end up playing as Laura who will have her hands tied up trying to fend off Jedediah. During this segment we will be given the following options to choose from. We can either Attack or Run. For the purpose of this specific guide we will want to choose the Attack option

This will then result in having to mash a particular button in order to eliminate Jedediah


Our last encounter with Bobby will see both him and Ryan in a face off.

Now since we chose not to remove the knife earlier we can, instead, use it as a valuable weapon in our attempts to survive this encounter.

When prompted choose to stab Bobby.

This is basically the end of Bobby at this point. He will have a proper death later. There is no more that we need to do here.


We will then get a scene involving both Laura and Ryan. During this scene Laura will ask if she can bite Ryan, since she is a werewolf.

For the purpose of this specific guide we will want to choose the Decline option. Thus resulting in Laura not being able to bite Ryan. This is important for later.


When the chapter switches to the character Abi, we will want to keep an eye out for a silver bullet. We can get this silver bullet by inspecting the fuse box

Getting the silver bullet is very important for later.


Continuing on through the same chapter we will be back with Ryan. During this scene Ryan will end up falling through the floor.

After falling through the floor we will encounter a monster (it is actually Chris Hackett). Be sure to shoot and eliminate this monster to clear this one.


After Ryan has eliminated the monster (Chris Hackett) we will then switch over to Laura who is confronting Travis. (Again a bit off topic but having actor Ted Raimi in this game is amazing!)

Enough fangirling, again, sorry. Still it is amazing to have two really fantastic actors in this game. Anyway as Laura our job is to quickly grab the shotgun that Ryan dropped.

However, in order to grab this shotgun we will need to beat Travis to it and complete a QTE segment.

After successfully getting the shotgun, all that is left is to shoot and eliminate Travis.

(Note: We can also unlock the Should’ve Gone To The Motel trophy achievement here)


We will now want to keep playing until we reach Chapter 10 – The Final Girl, the final chapter. Where we will be playing as Kaitlyn.

After heading down the stairs we will be given the following options; Run or Hide. For the purpose of this specific guide we will want to choose the Run option

During the scene Kaitlyn will bump into Dylan and then hear cries from both Emma and Abi. Dylan will not be interested and will run off. This will then present us with more options to choose from, either; Investigate or Run. We want to choose the Investigate option

Kaitlyn will now receive the silver bullet that we got earlier.

We will then eventually encounter a monster (who is actually Caleb). We can defeat Caleb by using the silver bullet.

(Note: The Family Matters trophy achievement will pop once you have completed the rest of the game and spoken with Eliza)


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