The Quarry – The Final Girl (Kaitlyn Survived Alone) Trophy Achievement Guide

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The Final Girl is one of the many available trophy achievements that players can unlock within The Quarry. It involves Kaitlyn surviving the night alone.

In order to unlock this one we will basically need to eliminate all of our companions. This includes; Jacob, Emma, Abi, Nick, Dylan, Laura, Ryan, Max, and Caleb. So a total of 9 companions will all need to meet their inevitable end.

The trophy achievement can be unlocked during the course of the entire game, starting with Chapter 1 – Hackett’s Quarry Forever!


To start working towards unlocking The Final Girl trophy achievement we will want to play through Chapter 1 – Hackett’s Quarry Forever!.

During this chapter we will see both Emma and Abi attempting to lockpick a cabin door in order to retrieve their bags. This will result in us having some options to choose from, either; Leave Bags or Break In. For the purpose of this specific guide we want to choose the Break In option

Whilst inside this cabin we want to start searching for a teddy bear. It will be sitting to the left of the doorway, by the window.

After finding the teddy bear we will then have the option to either; Keep or Leave. Choose the Keep option

The teddy bear will come into play a little bit later


Our next objective is over in Chapter 4 – Don’t Panic.

Here we will see our team enjoying a campfire, during which a noise will suddenly be heard coming from the bushes.

When you get the opportunity to, go ahead and shoot at the bushes. Nothing will happen and the team will begin to suspect that the noise they heard was nothing to worry about.

We will then be given options to choose from, either; Insistent or Apologetic. Choose the Insistent option

We will then once again be able to fire at the bushes. This time keep a close eye out for someone appearing within these bushes. It is actually Jacob and for the purpose of this specific guide, our job is to eliminate him.


During Chapter 4 – Don’t Panic we will be given the option to either Open Trapdoor or Search Bag. The correct option for this one is Open Trapdoor

This will result in Emma opening the trapdoor and releasing a monster and her ultimate doom.

Well she was saying ‘Goodbye, cruel world!’ so practically, in a way, she was ready.


This one takes place during Chapter 5 – White Noise where the team will be questioning the location of the gun and being chased by Bobby.

We will then be given options to choose from, either; Hide or Run. Choose the Hide option

When Bobby appears we will then want to hold our breath. Do NOT stop holding your breath until Bobby leaves the room, only then is it safe to stop hiding.

This will result in Abi leaving her teddy bear behind.


During Chapter 6 – Prayers By Night Abi will be pointing a gun towards Nick over at the Poolhouse. Simply refuse to shoot at Nick.

This will result in Abi being eliminated and unlocking the Lovers’ Quarrel trophy achievement


This one takes place during Chapter 7 – The Past Behind Us, whilst playing as Laura and after escaping the cell.

Do NOT pick up the syringe and instead simply head back inside the cell. From here we can sit on the bed in order to get a few options. Choose to Go To Sleep

This will result in Laura becoming ill and Travis visiting her cell.

Laura will notice Travis’s gun and will attempt to grab it, this will result in a small QTE event. Successfully get the gun from Travis.

With Travis’s gun we will now have to successfully complete another QTE event, where Travis will try to get the gun back. Unfortunately for him, we cannot allow that.

We will then be given a choice of either; Demanding or Apologetic. Choose the Demanding option. Laura will continue to demand the keys.

We will then be given yet another set of options to choose from, this time we have a choice of either Plead or Shoot Travis. Choose the Shoot Travis option.

Shooting Travis will have an impact later in the story.


This next task will take place during Chapter 8 – The Belly Of The Beast.

Here we will be controlling the characters of both Laura and Ryan and we will find ourselves in a red room full of cages.

When Ryan questions Laura we will then get the option of stopping her. Do NOT stop Laura. Instead let the red timer run out and do nothing.

Laura will then eliminate Nick.


For this next one we will need to be on Chapter 9 – The Matriarch and make our way to the scrapyard area.

Here Dylan will be operating the crane and Kaitlyn will attempt to get inside the car. This will give us the option of either; Warn Kaitlyn or Lift Car. Choose the Lift Car option

This will result in Kaitlyn crying out at Dylan as she takes flight inside the car.

During the ‘exciting car ride’, Kaitlyn will also be under attack by one of the monsters. This will force us into yet another set of options to choose from, either; Slam Car or Sound Horn. Choose the Sound Horn option

We will then be given a QTE event, succeed at the first one so the horn goes off and distracts the monster. This will then cause the monster to start attacking the crane.

Fail at this next QTE event and it will be curtains for Dylan.


This event also takes place during Chapter 9 – The Matriarch, this time we will be controlling both Ryan and Laura.

Eventually our heroes will end up falling through the floor and having to confront a monster (who is actually Chris Hackett)

As Ryan make sure to kill the monster and the screen will then switch over to Travis and Laura.

Due to the events mentioned above, in step #6, Travis will not be happy with Laura and rightly so. Due to this he will instantly attempt to kill Laura.

Travis will then turn his attention towards Ryan giving us an option of either; Diplomatic or Aggressive. Choose the Aggressive option

We will then encounter a quick QTE as Travis comes chasing after Ryan. Simply fail the QTE and Ryan’s adventures will come to an end.

STEP #10

The next step will take place during Chapter 10 – The Final Girl, whilst controlling the character of Max.

Head towards the pier and we will be presented with several options to choose from. We can either Stay or Swim To Shore. Select the Swim To Shore option

As soon as Max reaches the shore, he will be monster chow.

STEP #11

This final step will also take place during Chapter 10 – The Final Girl. Here we will be with Kaitlyn.

Head into the kitchen and we will encounter a monster (Caleb) and will be required to hold our breath. Successfully hold your breath and do not get caught.

Once the monster leaves we will then be presented with the following options; Run or Freezer. Choose the Freezer option.

Kaitlyn will then make her way towards the freezer and we will be given our last set of options to choose from. This time we have either Hide or Use Decoy. Choose the Use Decoy option

This will result in the monster (Caleb) running into the freezer. We will then want to continue mashing the required button so that Kaitlyn closes the freezer door and locks the monster (Caleb) inside.

(Note: The Final Girl trophy achievement will then pop after successfully speaking with Eliza)


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