The Sinking City : All Endings Guide

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Here we explain the different endings and how to get each one. There are 3 in total that you can witness and all of which gives you a Trophy / Achievement upon doing so.

The Trophies / Achievements you get depend on which one you witness but you can get either; The Stars Are Right, I’m Out Of Here and Leap of Faith

To get the endings is really quite simple and does not require you to do anything special during the main story. You can witness and unlock the endings at your own leisure, meaning you don’t even have to stress over it.
Once you get to the very last section of the game you will unlock 3 different pathways, 2 of which are within 2 noticeable Blue Clouds and the other final one is hidden in a cave close to the others. All of which can be witnessed in any order you choose.

Below we guide you on which Cloud leads to what ending and what each ending means..


This one is within the Blue Cloud next to the central pedestal. Reed agrees to end the cycle and thus annihilate humanity.
For this one you are given the Stars Are Right Trophy / Achievement


This one is through the small tunnel on the very right of the area. This is where Reed decides to just walk out and forget his problems. You are given the I’m Out Of Here Trophy / Achievement upon witnessing this one


This one is at the left of the area. Reed decides to sacrifice himself and the cycle then repeats. You are given the Leaf Of Faith Trophy / Achievement upon witnessing this one.

Those are the different endings. Most of which does not go very well with our main protagonist, either he sacrifices himself or kills off humanity. 
They are also very short too, still worth a watch at least and they are quite easy to get Trophy / Achievement wise too.

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