The Sinking City : A Delicate Matter (Side Case / Quest) Guide

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A Delicate Matter is one of the many side cases within The Sinking City, it has you tracking down a possible murder and a lost Mirror.

The case is given to you automatically after the main story case Lost At Sea. After handing in the story case you are tasked to speak to Mr Throgmorton who initiates the quest.

Below is a guide on how to complete it and get all of the available evidence. 

Your first objective is to head for Herbert Glover’s Manor, you can find the following pieces of evidence here;

1) Newspaper – By Fireplace
2) Envelopes – On same table

There is a headless statue here. However, finding the head is rather pointless as it doesn’t do anything. If for whatever reason you want to still find it, then you can do so by going to the Basement.

Now make your way upstairs to the upper floor. More evidence and clues can be found here;

3) Body of the landlord
4) Crumpled note – In hallway
5) Missing Mirror
6) Painting of a man
7) Mirror with signs of bullets
8) Opened Safe

The last piece of evidence is only visible using the Mind’s Eye, do so on the desk in the bedroom. The famous blue cloud will now appear.
The correct order is as follows;

1) Men examining the mirror
2) Attackers go to the Office
3) Glover is killed trying to escape

You now need to go to the Police Station. The image above shows which files you need to construct the next part. Remember to read your case notes if the evidence does not show.

NOTE: The Art Collector’s Demise
Property Crimes
* Suspects
* OldGrove

You should now get Squint’s Police File.

Thanks to the Police File we now have a location of where to go next (image above)

Inside head upstairs. The first thing you will probably see is a dead body, examine this body twice. Using the Mind’s Eye you will see a wall in which you can open, behind it is a man.
It is up to you whether or not you want to report him. That choice is all yours, nothing comes from doing any of them. 

The remaining bits of evidence in this place is the following;

9) Bottle – On table. Requires Mind’s Eye
10) Meat – On table. Ground Floor
11) Letter from morgue – Ground Floor

Using the Mind’s Eye you can track a photo under the sink. You will have to smash the wooden board to get this. RIP. By doing this you also get the Trophy / Achievement No Honor Among Thieves

Return back to Mr Throgmorton to end the case. He will now give you another case to work on On The Other Side Of The Mirror

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