The Sinking City : Bounty Of The Sea (Side Case Quest) Guide

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Bounty Of The Sea is one of the many side cases or side quests you can do within The Sinking City. It requires you to find Fishing Logs on various different boats.
Here is a guide on how to complete this one;

In order to receive this quest you need to first travel to the Port and speak to Vincent who will tell you about a Shipping Log on a Ship known as The Pride

Your next destination is to find The Pride, this is located in The Shells. Look for a small boat with American Flags on it.
The Log will be on here, so take that and return to Vincent.
Vincent will then let you know of two other Ships that also have Shipping Logs on them; Red Queen and Skylark


Warning there are several monsters here. The Log you need in on the small table next to the Red Queen ship.

The only enemies here are men with guns, so deal with those. The Log you want is on the table near the Skylark

After getting both Logs you can then return to Vincent to end the case.

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