The Sinking City : Extra Hours (Side Case Quest) Guide

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​Extra Hours is another of the Side Cases / Quests found within The Sinking City. It requires you to take photos of three different people as well as that you also need to make sure you pick up a piece of evidence for each body you come across too.

The client is a Police Officer found in Seven Oaks. He will tell you about mysterious deaths and you will then need to take a photo of each one as proof of being there.


When you get to this location you will notice boards on the door, use melee to destroy them and enter the building.
​You should noticed the body straight away, so first examine him and then take a photo. (Items and then camera).

The final piece of evidence you need is the membership card, you can find this upstairs and near the chair, watch out as monsters may appear here.


For this one the body is found at the very top floor, you will want to smash away the boards on the door here. Inside you will see the body on the floor, again examine him and take a photo. The membership card this time is on the table next to the lamp


The final body can only be reached via a boat. The body itself is on the ground floor, take a photo of him and examine the body too.
As for the membership card, that can be found on the top floor on the table by the lamp (watch out as enemies may spawn when you get upstairs)

After doing all of the above you can now report back to the Officer in Seven Oaks.

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