The Sinking City : Open House (Side Case / Quest) Guide

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Open House is another of the optional side cases / quests found within The Sinking City. This one requires you to go to different properties and light incenses to try and detract monsters. The client is hoping by doing this he can sell these properties.

The client is found at the Fish Market, he will want you to burn incense in hopes of removing the enemies and that he can sell the properties, problem is these properties are in ruins.


​You can find the first one upstairs, you have to interact with the green vase on the table and take a photo of this. Once done you can then leave.


This one can only be reached via a boat. This one is upstairs in the large room, you should see it when you head upstairs and turn right. You can also find a note next to it. Don’t forget to take a photo of the incense. 


This one is in The Shells. The green ‘vase’ this time is upstairs where you may encounter a monster which will not die until you have lit the ‘vase’, so do not waste your ammo on it. You may also find a Police note up here too, looks like a ransom note.
You can now report back to the Fish Market to end the case.

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