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Through The Looking Glass is another one of the side cases / quests found within The Sinking City. It immediately follows from having completed the side case Delicate Matter. Mr Throgmorton wants you to retrieve a lost mirror.

Throgmorton will give you a key for accepting his request, they key unlocks the top floor door so your first port of call is to head there.
Once upstairs unlock the door and you will have a few clues to find:

1) Boxes – Use Mind’s Eye (reveals a safe)
2) Private Correspondence – In safe
3) Photo – In safe
4) Masks – Display Case
5) Spears – Display Case
6) Francis Poster – On wall
7) Ape Photo – On boxes near floor
8) Exclusive Interview note – On boxes near Ape photo

​After getting all of the evidence report back to Mr Throgmorton

Your next trip is the Asylum. Whilst here speak to the receptionist to learn that Bethany has managed to escape. 
How head to the Basement floor and you will have more evidence to find;

1) Blood on mirror
2) Hypodermic Tables Bottle – On floor
3) Indecent poster – In locker
4) Smashed mirror – Bethany room
5) Photo – Bethany room
6) Newspapers – Bethany room
7) Bethany note – On her bed
8) Throgmortons In Mourning – Next to bed
9) Vision – Use Mind’s Eye on wall

Now the blue cloud will appear, the answer to this one is:

1) Bethany taking the mirror off the wall
2) Bethany smashing the mirror
3) Bethany running off

The conclusion to this one is Bethany has found out about Randall Glassworks and thus that is our next objective, but first!

First we need to find out where Randall Glassworks is! So head for the Oakmont City Hall, for this you need to input the correct search criteria. 

EVIDENCE: Bethany’s Next Step
* Enterprises
* 19th Century
* Salvation Harbor

Bingo! We now know where the Glassworks is located!

The first floor has a few pieces of evidence to find:

1) No 418 Bottle – Near stairs

Now head upstairs to the top floor, the door is currently locked but if you interact with it someone will unlock it and a conversation will begin. Agree to help him.
Before heading back down though there is more evidence to find.

1) Mirror
2) Planar mirror picture
3) Skull & man photo

Now head to the lowest floor and smash the lock on the door, the monster in here is nothing really do dispose of it and return to report what you just did. You will now be given a Rusty Key. Return to the room where you just killed the monster.
Use the newly obtained key in this room and you will now have yet more pieces of evidence to find.

1) Boxes
2) Search warrant
3) Randall’s Diary
4) Cupboard – Use Mind’s Eye
5) Tick book – After using Mind’s Eye
6) Vision – Use Mind’s Eye on mirror

Return to the first floor and get the last remaining pieces of evidence:

1) Workbench

Onto the next location!

Head for the Oakmont Police Department, here you will want to enter the correct search criteria.

EVIDENCE: Search Warrant
* Suspects
* Documentaion
* Salvation Harbor

You will now know where the mirror-maker’s house is and that is our next destination!

There will be a few pieces of evidence to find here:


1) Secret area – Use Mind’s Eye (Wall 1F near small round table)
2) Mini coffin – In secret area
3) Eligible Bachelor note – On table near door
4) Envelopes – On small round table

Whilst in the secret area use your Mind’s Eye to be taken to the bottom floor. 


1) Books – On floor
2) Occult Tome – On small bed
3) Picture board (There are two of these)


You should now of been able to find the Basement using the Mind’s Eye you will also be in a room with a huge mirror and more evidence!

1) Kid’s Coffin
2) Kid’s photo
3) Huge mirror (Warning it will result in a big impact on your Blue bar)
4) Vision – On huge mirror

Now return to the small mirror in the secret area and smash it using a gun, I tried using melee but it didn’t work.
Now once again return to the Basement and magically Bethany will be there and you will have a chat.

Now the ending can result in two ways.

1) Take the mirror – Results in having to fight Bethany.
2) Let Bethany continue with her Ritual and then take the mirror – Results in the End Both Worlds Trophy / Achievement

After deciding on a result, you can now head back to Throgmorton to end the case.

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