The Sinking City : Assigned Reading (Side Case Quest) Guide (Sleuth / Sherlock Holmes Costume)

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Assigned Reading is one of the many side cases or side quests within The Sinking City. It requires you to find several different books and will eventually unlock the Sleuth (Sherlock Holmes) costume.

The client can be found at Oakmont University, he will be standing reading a book. Our next destination is to find the books!


You will find the first book inside this building. Inside there will also be three people stood reading, these will not provide much of a conversation and for now are harmless.



1) Unsent Message – In room with students


Upstairs there will be two doors with padlocks on them, for now smash the nearest one to the stairs and go through.
There will be some blood on the wall in here, use the Mind’s Eye to unlock a secret area.


1) Body – Has multiple fractures
2) Body – His wounds are still bleeding
3) Body – In bed

You will now see a blue cloud, pass through it and the answers to this one are:

1) They really do look like us!
2) W-what? No Stop!
3) Clean this up.

Head back downstairs. Near the table with the room the students are in you should be able to use the Mind’s Eye.
Doing so will reveal The Second Eyelid note (warning after picking this up the students will attack you)


There is a student diary in the other locked room, the place should now be 100% explored!


To gain entry to this building you need to go around the book and smash away the boards on the door. Once inside you can find your first piece of evidence, Unsent Letter lays on the table.
Upstairs smash the lock on the door and use the Mind’s Eye on the drawers to unlock a secret area. You will now see a man flinging his arms about and next to him is a book, take this book (warning upon doing so this many will now attack you)
To 100% this are get the scrap of paper from the table near the wooden boards.


In order to get the address of the final book location, you will need to head for Oakmont City Hall. Once here insert the correct criteria.

EVIDENCE: Finding The Third Book
* Citizens
* Occupation
* Advent

​We should now know the next location!

The next book location is here! You can only get there via boat. There should be a white Statue on the table where you can use the Mind’s Eye, do so. You’ll now get a key.
The key is for the door next to the bathroom, there is also a note next to this door too. Inside the door you will see a strange symbol on the wall, use the Mind’s Eye on this symbol.

You have now magically transported into a different room. There is some blood on the wall here, again use the Mind’s Eye. You will now be attacked by more people, deal with those. The book you need is on the stand, you can’t really miss it. 

You can now return to the client to end the case and get the Sleuth costume, It’s elementary!

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