The Sinking City : Rest In Peace (Side Case Quest) Guide

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​Rest In Peace is another murder solving optional side case within The Sinking City. It requires to find missing bodies as some of them have apparently disappeared from the Cemetery. 

The client and first point of evidence can be found at the Cemetery, which is at the Reed Heights district. The client will be the only living person there so you cannot miss him.
After talking to him you can then begin your investigation.


At the location (in the images above) you can find the A Book Page and a Knife

In the (above image) you can find Note left on the Grave and an open Coffin. You should also read some of the Graves whilst your here as some of them are quite amusing.

Here (in the above image) you can find a dead body (after examining the body be warned as monsters will appear).
Use the Mind’s Eye on the body to be directed to the next area, along the way there will be blood on the floor. 

This is the final area of the Cemetery to explore (image above). Here you will find a poorly dug coffin and some scratches on wooden plank. The area should now be 100% explored!

​Onto the next destination!

Head for Oakmont City Hall and input the correct search criteria.

EVIDENCE: Plundered GravE
* 19th Century
* Citizen Records
​* Citizens

(Warning this area is in an infested zone)
Head upstairs to see the poor dead couple on the bed. Here you will find a Suicide NoteBottles on the table and of course examine the dead couple.
​100% Explored!

Head for Oakmont University Library and enter the correct search criteria.

* Restricted Section
* 17th-19th Century
* European

This is the last place to find the much needed evidence, it can only be accessed by boat. 
Head upstairs and watch out for the gunman of which there should be two of them. At the end of the area you should be the following pieces of evidence; Coffin with a Skeleton insideGreasy Letter and finally bodies under white sheets.
100% explored!

​You can now return to the client to end the case and get your much earned rewards!

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