The Surge 2 : A Simple Favor (Side Quest) Guide

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A Simple Favor is a side quest that requires you to settle a debt between Molly Fox the shopkeeper and Finn the Debt Collector. It is obtained by Molly who is in the first safe zone you encounter (or the Octopus Building).
She will talk of Finn and that she owes him 2k Scrap.

After speaking to Molly and finding out about Finn the Debt Collector, you can now venture through Port Nixon in order to hopefully find him.
Now the method I took ended up being a shortcut that you can access after the area with the electric robots that can stun you and a set of steps, after which then leads to the door in the above picture. Again it is a shortcut and you will have to explore more in order to unlock it, there is more than one way to get to the location we need to get to though, so this shortcut is not mandatory in any way shape or form. 

Either way you need to get to Paper Street, which is a back alley section. If you explore thoroughly enough you will eventually reach it.
Once you have finally found the elusive Paper Street, you will then need to climb up the stairs and sort of shimmy across the ledge of the next building. 
Here you will then find a path that leads up and now you will encounter a man but do not worry he won’t attack you, at least not yet. This man is Finn the Debt Collector.
You will now be given 2 choices, either fight and kill Finn or pay the Debt and considering how important Tech Scrap is in this game, we personally chose to kill the guy but it is your choice what to do with him. 
Either way decide and then return to Molly to end the quest

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