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Private Practice side quest involves you having to find and locate a damaged Drone. The quest can be obtained from Doctor Vladimir in the starting area.

The Doctor is quite well hidden but if your exploring properly and thoroughly you will or rather should encounter him.

Okay after talking to him you will find out about this Drone that has been shot down, if you payed attention to the button prompts that appear every now and then, you will probably of seen the Drone get shot down too.

But where could this Drone actually be? hmm.. well it isn’t too far but you will have to deal with a few tough foes in order to get there. The first set of evil doers will be guarding the gate near all of the STOP signs, I could only get this to work after dealing with them all. 
I’m quite certain it is due to the fact these signs need to be down before you can actually get to the Drone, so deal with them. 

If after dealing with them you end up passing through the once guarded gate an Alarm will trigger and thus more foes will turn up, not good, this also includes one tough Robot too which has a ton of armour and can do some serious damage. 
However, another way to go about this and the method I personally took is to head left from where the Doctor is hiding. 

From here keep heading upwards, there will be some foes to take out but going this way also means you can avoid that troublesome Robot too, which in my opinion is far tougher than anything in this area. 

Your goal is the hopefully now accessible Blue Elevator/Lift that was hiding behind the recently guarded gate, ride this up to the top.  

At the top, here you will want to use yet another Blue Lift in order to get to the area below, this is where you will find the damaged Crate and Drone, once you have this you can now return to the Doctor and end the quest. Congratulations you can now use his Health Station for FREE!!!

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