The Surge 2 : Don’t I Know You? (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Don’t I Know You? Trophy Achievement requires you to free a captured Prisoner. This can be done really early in the game and the guy is actually really hard to miss. 

However, you will not be able to free him straight away as it will require a Rig due to how weak you are at the start of the game. Lets get on with how to solve this one, shall we?

As you venture through the building you end up finding yourself in, you will come across a man shouting and on closer inspection he is the captured Prisoner, Benjamin Burke.
​When you first try to free him you will probably find out that the door is jammed and you are too weak to open it, at least for now. 

So what can we do in order to free this poor helpless guy? Well for now just continue the game and eventually you will encounter a Med Bay

After visiting the Med Bay and learning about the different abilities and levelling up and such, you will also discover that you are now also wearing proper clothes yay!
Its at this point where you can return to the poor locked up fellow and finally be able to free him, just do not forget to actually free him though, okay? ha!

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