The Surge 2 : A Delicatessen (Side Quest) Guide

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A Delicatessen is a side quest that you can get when you reach Port Nixon, it can be obtained from the character Penny who lives in a small building.

It involves having to find and obtain certain parts from a Robot. It is actually quite a straight forward quest in all honesty.

After speaking to Penny and finding out what to do in order to complete her task, you can then leave her building. Now where can these Robots she speak of be hiding? hmm.. chances are you have actually already seen then before, they are not that far away.

If you leave the underground area and work your way back to the Pipe you probably came through in order to get here. However, do not expect to travel back to this Pipe because you cannot do so but get close enough to it and you will find a path full of Drones and waste products

The easiest way to kill these Drones without touching the hazardous waste material is to get out your trusty Drone and shoot them, providing you have enough ammunition of course otherwise you will have to kill them by other means instead. 
They should only take one bullet before becoming a robotic mess on the floor. You can now report back to Penny.

Turns out this whole plan was nothing more than a way to deceive you, as soon as you try and redeem your reward, Penny will turn on the Meat Grinder and try to slice and kill you. Simply run the only way you can at this point in order to escape the clutches of death.

If you then return to Penny you will have to fight her, so much for her I guess.. That concludes the quest and you can also find Jennifer in here too, turns out she had been captured by Penny the darn cannibal. 

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