The Surge 2 : How To Beat Warden Garcia (Boss Fight) Guide

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Warden Garcia is the first real boss in The Surge 2 and he can do massive amounts of damage to your character, plus he can also stun lock you too so that you cannot move.
However, he is also quite easy as long as you know how to fight him and the key to this one is the lunge attack he does. Why is this you may ask?, well simply put it opens him up to attacks and thus makes him vulnerable. 

Try not to get greedy as then you will probably end up loosing a great chunk of health in the outcome. Also, you cannot kill his rather frustrating Drone neither and thus expect to take some damage at least. 

When he does his jumping lunge attack go for him and get 3-4 shots in at him before again retreating and avoiding his other moves, until he once again does his lunge attack. Repeat this process until he is finished. Quite easy and makes a 30 minute – 1 hour struggle a really short and struggle-free experience.  

​As long as you do not get too close to him and avoid his Grenade throws, he really is a pushover.  

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