Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – All Lucky Dice Collectibles (Snoring Valley) Guide

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The Lucky Dice collectibles are one of the many hidden collectibles that can be found within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

When you successfully manage to find a Lucky Dice it will get added to your Lucky Die collection. Collecting them will also increase your overall loot luck, meaning your chances of obtaining a rare item will be significantly higher.

Lucky Dice items will also drop some random loot too, as well as adding to the increased loot luck.

Getting a total of 3,000 Loot Luck will unlock the Luck Amok trophy achievement.

This specific page will be focusing on the locations to all of the Lucky Dice found within Snoring Valley. There is a total of 4 to collect


This dice can be found in the small archway underneath the burning building. Next to the windmill.


This one can be found and located behind the waterfall by the lake.


This one can be found and located on top of a high platform. Use the platforms behind it to reach it.


This final Lucky Dice can be found up on a ledge


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