Ghostwire: Tokyo – Tanuki Hunt (Side Mission) Guide

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Tanuki Hunt is one of the many optional side missions within Ghostwire: Tokyo. It involves having to read the thoughts of a raccoon or a tanuki

The quest giver for this one is a tanuki known as Weird Tanuki

SIDE QUEST: Tanuki Hunt
QUEST GIVER: Weird Tanuki
A MAZE OF DEATH: Head For The Kagerie Observation Deck
REWARDS: 3,000 Meika. 150 XP

To the south of the map, by the shrine, there will be a raccoon or a tanuki, proceed to read its mind and you will find out that a group of tanuki have managed to get lost. Our job is to now find them.


You can find one of the tanuki just south of Weird Tanuki. It is hiding under a pot next to a set of stairs.

You can easily spot its tail sticking out (Yellow Maple Tanuki)

You only have to find the single missing tanuki to complete this specific side mission. Once you have managed to find the Yellow Maple Tanuki, report back to Weird Tanuki to complete the mission.


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