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One of the more interesting features within (RF5) Rune Factory 5 is the ability to have children. This can be done after successfully unlocking the ability to get married to a specific companion.

You can get married as either Ares or Alice, you are not restricted in any way. As long as you have successfully been married and now have either a husband or wife. This includes same-sex marriages.

For a full guide on how to have a child with your chosen companion continue reading..


In order to have a child with your chosen husband or wife you will have to, of course, get married. Getting married is one of the key requirements to getting and having a child

Then after you have successfully been married, you will then have to wait at least 20 in-game days. Once those days have passed you will then want to speak with your chosen companion and they will mention that they want to start a family.

You will then be given the option to have a family or not. If you are not ready yet, for whatever reason, then you can simply deny them and it will get delayed. Meaning they will ask you once again a week later, until you are ready.


After you have successfully committed to having a family, you will then have to, once again wait. This time you will have to wait at least 2 in-game weeks.

After the weeks have passed report back to your husband or wife and the next step will activate. This will involve a trip to the clinic and finding out that we are now pregnant.

After the trip to the clinic, proceed to speak with your companion once again. We will then get a dialogue discussing if the baby will be either a male or female. This will allow us to pick a specific gender or, if you are not bothered, you can let the game automatically choose for you.

We can then select the babies’ personality, this includes options such as charming, quiet, and energetic. Now the appearance of your child is determined by what personality you selected. So make sure to select the right personality if you have an appearance preference.


After you are done choosing your babies personality and gender you will then have to wait once again, this time there is a 3 week in-game wait.


After waiting an additional 3 weeks proceed and speak with your husband or wife and there will be another scene. This time the baby will be born.

We can then rename the baby or accept the default name, the choice is yours to make. Then another scene will occur.

In Rune Factory 5 there is no baby scenes after the prior giving birth. Instead our baby will quickly grow into a healthy 5 year old kid, skipping a lot of the growing up stages.


Once the child has been born they can not age any more than 5 years old. They will remain at 5 years old.

The child will also start at a level 10 bonding relationship.

The first born baby will always have the same hair colour as the main protagonist.

Your new born child can also accompany you during your explorations out in the field. They can also help fight foes. Only one child can join your party at any given time.

In order to have additional children you will have to wait at least one full year in-game before speaking with your husband or wife once again. This will lead to twins.

When you have your second child, which will be twins, they will end up having your companion’s hair. Unlike with the first born child that will have the main protagonist’s hair.


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