Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – All Lucky Dice Collectibles (Weepwild Dankness) Guide

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There are many different hidden collectibles within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, these include Lucky DiceLore ScrollsPoetry Pages, and more…

The Lucky Dice collectibles help increase your overall loot luck, allowing you to obtain much rare items. You can also unlock the Luck Amok trophy achievement.

The Lore Scrolls help teach the player more about the game and the main protagonist’s story. You can also unlock the They Haven’t Invented Podcasts Yet trophy achievement.

Whilst the Poetry Pages basically allow players to complete campaign challenges and unlock poetry for fans to enjoy.

This particular page will be focusing on the locations to all of the Lucky Dice within Weepwild Dankness. There is a total of 20 Lucky Dice to find and collect

0:00 – 0:19 : Lucky Dice 1 (This one can be found on a ledge behind the bouncy mushroom)

0:19 – 0:43 : Lucky Dice 2 (This one can be found on a red mushroom ledge.)

0:43 – 1:01 : Lucky Dice 3 (This one can be found near the campfires.)

1:01 – 1:23 : Lucky Dice 4 (This one is located next to the bouncy mushroom and chest)

1:23 – 1:49 : Lucky Dice 5 (Near the center of the map there will be a bouncy mushroom, jump on it. Then jump and follow the ledge right and around to the dice)

1:49 – 2:11 : Lucky Dice 6 (At the creepy fire tree there will be a bouncy mushroom, use it to reach this dice.)

2:11 – 2:26 : Lucky Dice 7 (This one can be located next to a bridge)

2:26 – 3:02 : Lucky Dice 8 (At the purple mushroom area proceed and climb up the vines. The continue on and head to the red mushroom platforms)

3:02 – 3:22 : Lucky Dice 9 (This one is located to the left of the rune switch)

3:22 – 3:40 : Lucky Dice 10 (Head to the Busted-Ass Ruins and you will find this one next to the waterwheel)

3:40 – 4:03 : Lucky Dice 11 (This one can be found just above the waterfall)

4:03 – 4:22 : Lucky Dice 12 (This one can be found at a waterfall, on a ledge just below it.)

4:22 – 4:42 : Lucky Dice 13 (This one can be found by a wooden look out tower and a hut. Simply use the bouncy mushroom to reach it. Note: You can gain access to this area after completing the Little Boys Blue side quest)

4:42 – 5:07 : Lucky Dice 14 (At the purple mushroom area there will be a waterfall, the dice is next to the waterfall.)

5:07 – 5:30 : Lucky Dice 15 (This one is sitting on a ledge just next to a hut.)

5:30 – 5:53 : Lucky Dice 16 (This one is under the wooden bridge, near the water.)

5:53 – 6:16 : Lucky Dice 17 (Head to Garglesnot’s Hut and this one will be at the side of the building)

6:16 – 6:37 : Lucky Dice 18 (This one can be found on a wooden platform at the damaged bridge and mushroom trees.)

6:37 – 6:57 : Lucky Dice 19 (This one can be found by the building doorway, next to the Fungal Fun Times scroll)

6:57 – : Lucky Dice 20 (This one can be found in the same area as the previous dice. Opposite a wooden building.)


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