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​Here is a complete list of all side quests within Chapter / Act 1 and how to complete them. 
Act 1 is split into 3 parts. There are a total of 32 side quests within the game and completing them all will net you the Divine Knight Errant Trophy / Achievement for PS4


QUEST: A Cry For Help
LOCATION: Twin Dragon Bridge – Celdic Side
QUEST GIVER: Merchant Albel
AVAILABLE: December 1st

Whilst in Twin Dragon Bridge (an area the story takes you to). Enter and exit the Rest Area and you will see Albel arguing with a Guard.
Eventually he will walk off, you need to leave the Bridge and head North on the next map, it will eventually lead to a scene where Albel is trapped. After the fight the quest will end

QUEST: Herbal Remedies
LOCATION: Celdic – Market Manager’s House
AVAILABLE: December 1st

After speaking with Otto. Head to the Chapel and speak to Father Zirbel who will request a specific Herb. Now head for the Market Town and speak to Flint who is tending a Stall, he will inform you that the Herb is not available and thus we need to find it.
Now head for West Celdic Highway 1 the Herb is in Lunaria Nature Park 1

QUEST: Munch No More
LOCATION: Celdic – Market Manager’s House
AVAILABLE: December 1st

After speaking with Otto head for East Celdic Highway 1 and then follow the path to East Celdic Highway 2 The monster you are looking for is marked with a Red Dot on this Map.

QUEST: Leaf It To Me
QUEST GIVER: Kiki and Alf
AVAILABLE: December 4th

This quest is available after the Baron is attacked, the poor kids want some Leafs in hopes of curing him. The first Leaf is marked on the Map of Ymir Valley 1 it is a Green Exclamation Mark
The other Leaf is again marked with a Green Exclamation Mark on the Ymir Valley 2 Map. After acquiring both Leafs you can return to the kids to finish the Quest

ACT 1 Part 2
QUEST: Zats Amore
LOCATION: Zender Gate 
AVAILABLE: December 5th

You will find Zats in the Shop over at Zender Gate. He will let you know of someone close to him having fallen in battle, unfortunately the only possession that this fallen friend had was a small trinket in which is now lost.
Your job is to find this trinket. After speaking with him leave Zender Gate and you will see a Green Exclamation Mark on the Map, head to all of these marks to finish the quest

QUEST: Azuki Adventure
LOCATION: Ymir – Plover Goods
AVAILABLE: December 8th

Camilla will want to cook some of her famous dishes but unfortunately she is out of Beans, which apparently is a much needed ingredient. 
Head for Phoenix Wings and speak with Werner, sadly he no longer has any of these Beans as apparently Monkeys stole them. Now head for the Tavern and speak with Gerald, sadly he seems to of had the same issue as Werner.
Your last task is to head for the Station and speak to Luke.

QUEST: Foaling Around
LOCATION: Lake Lacrima
AVAILABLE: December 5th

Apparently one of the Foals has managed to escape and is now on the run. You will find the Foal via the following areas (Marked with a Green Exclamation Mark)

1) Nord Highlands – NorthEast
2) Nord Highlands – NorthEast (Across the Path Bridge)
3) Settlement Site

QUEST: Highlands Hunt
LOCATION: Elder’s Home – Lake Lacrima
AVAILABLE: December 5th

It appears that Jaegers have appeared and are terrorising the area. There are a total of 3 Jaegers to defeat (all of which are marked on the map with a Red Dot) and all of which are on the same Map (Nord Highlands – North)

ACT 1 Part 3
QUEST: Arseid Training School Bout 2
LOCATION: Legram Lakeside Town
AVAILABLE: December 9th

After speaking with Receptionist Miles. Head for the Training School and speak to Gaveli to encounter a fight with the School Students. This is a quest from Trails Of Cold Steel the first game. Simply beat the Students to finish the quest

QUEST: Ebel Rebel
LOCATION: Ebel Highway 2
QUEST GIVER: Receptionist Miles
AVAILABLE: December 9th

You will get this one from Miles. The foe itself is found at Ebel Highway 2 and is likely to hit your party with Faint, so be prepared.

QUEST: Missin Kitten
LOCATION: Bareahard – Central Plaza
AVAILABLE: December 9th

Eva is located down the small set of stairs. She is apparently missing her pet Kitten, Bootsy. The following areas are all marked with a Green Exclamation Mark but you will want to talk to people in the Central Plaza, Artisans Street and Station Street.
After visiting all of those areas and speaking to everyone, you will eventually find the kitten on the Map of North Kreuzen Highway 1. The kitten is marked on the Map at the Bridge

QUEST: St Veronica’s Tears
LOCATION: Bareahard Cathedral
QUEST GIVER: Sister Tatiana
AVAILABLE: December 9th

Tatiana is at the Cathedral. Apparently a Statue os St Veronica is crying black tears. After talking to her leave and examine the Statue outside.
Now head to Station Street. To the right should be some stairs you can go down. Doing so will lead to a door underground. Inside here head to the very far right and keep following the path to a Switch, active this Switch. Now return to the entrance and this time head left and follow that path to a scene and a boss. The quest ends once the boss is defeated.

QUEST: Stranger Than Fishin
LOCATION: Ymir – Tavern
AVAILABLE: December 12th

Gerald is located in the Tavern of Ymir. Apparently someone has been missing for a while and Gerald is worried. You will find Annabelle in Ymir Valley 2, she has apparently found a giant Fish. Your job is to catch this ”Fish” and the quest ends after defeating it.

That covers all of Act 1

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