(TOCS2) Trails Of Cold Steel II : All Side Quests (Chapter / Act 2) Guide

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Here is a complete list of all side quests within Chapter / Act 2 and how to complete them. 
Act 2 in split into 4 parts. There are a total of 32 side quests within the game and completing them all will net you the Divine Knight Errant Trophy / Achievement for PS4

Unlike with Act 1 of Trails Of Cold Steel 2, in this Act you have a computer terminal that shows your various different available quests. This makes it almost impossible to miss any of them out.


ACT 2 Part 1
QUEST: Without Leave
LOCATION: Garrelia Camp Headquarters (East Building)
QUEST GIVER: General Craig
AVAILABLE: December 15th

After you speak with General Craig and accepted his quest, you will be now see several Green Markers on the map choose to speak to them all.
Then finally speak to the guard by the gate, this will allow you entry to Garrelia Fortress.
You will now notice a Tank in the southwest corner with guards near, speak to those guards. After doing that the final destination will be talking to the man on the eastern most part of the map

QUEST: Badass In Danger!
AVAILABLE: December 15th

At Aprikoze Inn you will see a boy with green hair, speak to him. Patiry is in Ymir speaking to Luke by the Pub.

QUEST: Find our First Years
QUEST GIVER: Captain Towa
AVAILABLE: December 15th

You can find the required students at the following places;

Monica – Garrelia Proving Ground
Vivi – Legram Chapel
Casper – Legram, Arseid Training Hall
Mint – Watchtower (Nord Highlands)

QUEST: Monster Madness
LOCATION: Lake Lacrima
AVAILABLE: December 15th

The monster you need to defeat is on the Nord Highland – North. Once here it will be marked on the map

ACT 2 Part 2

QUEST: Creeping for Creeps
AVAILABLE: December 19

Baggins is at the Phoenix Wings. You will now be tasked on chasing some Sheep, catching both of them nets you 2 extra AP.

QUEST: Just Getting Wormed Up
LOCATION: Garrelia Byroad 2
AVAILABLE: December 20

The monster you need to defeat is at Garrelia Byroad 2. 

QUEST: I’ll Make A Mech Out Of You
LOCATION: Proving Ground
QUEST GIVER: Major Neihardt
AVAILABLE: December 20

You will have to defeat Neihardt in a Mech duel. Defeating him will net you 2 extra AP. 

ACT 2 Part 3
QUEST: Gone Air
LOCATION: Eisengard Range
QUEST GIVER: Klein and Hibelle
AVAILABLE: December 23

Once you arrive at Eisengard Range you will automatically witness a cutscene. You will also end up finding yourself on a run down aircraft. This is quite a simple and linear side quest which requires you to save some hostages.

QUEST: The Sweetest Of Challenges
LOCATION: The Courageous
QUEST GIVER: Phantom Thief Bleublanc
AVAILABLE: December 23

The Phantom Thief Bleublanc has taken over the Courageous and is now disguised as someone on board the ship. You have to try and work out who they are disguised as, the answer to this one is Machias

QUEST: Kreuzen for a Bruisin
LOCATION: North Kreuzen Highway
QUEST GIVER: Prince Olivert
AVAILABLE: December 23

The monster you seek is in North Kreuzen Highway

QUEST: Mist Opportunity
QUEST GIVER: Butler Klaus
AVAILABLE: December 27

For this one you will end up at Lohengrin Castle. The place is quite linear and the quest monster can be found at the bottom floor in the area left of the entrance.

QUEST: Hearts In Harmony
AVAILABLE: December 27

After the tragedy of Celdic Rosine wants to perform a music ceremony. You will need Elliot for this one to trigger. After talking to Rosine you now need to recruit some musical performers.

1) Andre – Street Musician on Bareahard Central Plaza
2) Instructor Mary – Roer House #1
3) Fiona – Proving Ground – Store area

Once everyone has been recruited return to Rosine at Celdic. 

QUEST: Canyon, or CAN’Tyon?
LOCATION: Aurochs Canyon 3
QUEST GIVER: Prince Olivert
AVAILABLE: December 27

The quest monster can be found at Aurochs Canyon 3

QUEST: Father’s Pocket Watch
LOCATION: Roer – Jackass Repair Shop
AVAILABLE: December 27

Make sure you have Alisa in your party and go and speak to Jackass in Roer. You will find out about a broken Pocket Watch. In order to fix it you need to go and speak to the following people:

1) Old Man Gwen – Lake Lacrima
2) Mine Chief Rudolf – Outside of Sachsen Iron Mines
3) Miner Aman – Inside Sachsen Iron Mines – Station Area
4) Harves and his assistant – Entrance of Roer Institute of Technology

Then after doing that report back to Jackass to finish the quest.

That covers all of Chapter / Act 2

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