(TOCS3) Trails Of Cold Steel III : All Side Quests (Final Chapter) Guide

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Just like with the past Trails of Cold Steel games, Trails Of Cold Steel 3 also has plentiful of optional Side Quests for you to delve into and hopefully complete.

​Some of which are missable and have a set time limit in order to complete them too. Below is a guide on how to complete all of the Final Chapter Side Quests and where to find each one. 

​QUEST NAME: A Load of Schmidt
DATE: 7/18 – Tuesday
LOCATION: Airport Terminal – Heimdallr

For this one you will NEED Black Zemurian Ore otherwise this quest will NOT trigger. One of the ways to get one of these Ores is to speak to Tatiana on Train Car #3 back at Camp, show her your notebook and if you have enough notes she will give you one.
From there you can speak to Schmidt who will be upstairs, after a bit of dialogue you will then be asked who you want the new weapon made for. This choice is up to you. 
This is the progress you need to make in order to obtain the best weapon within the game, so chose wisely. With that being said though as long you have more Zemurian Ore you can create more powerful weapons for the other characters too. 

​QUEST NAME: Ever Greater Heights
QUEST GIVER: Principle Aurelia – Car #1
DATE: 7/18 – Tuesday
LOCATION: Derfflinger Car 1 – Ostia Camp [Heimdallr]

For this one I would recommend that you first off make a Save File and then equip Rean with Evade Accessories such as the Mirage Cape and to avoid instant death, the Proxy Puppet.
Another recommendation is the Sirius Quartz too which also improves Evade, this will make the next fight so much easier. If you are struggling for accessories then Pablo in the far end car should be able to help with that. 

This is similar to the last quest where you faced Principle Aurelia the only different is it will be a much easier fight as long as you have the correct gear, her S-Craft will still probably kill you in one shot but that is what the Proxy Puppet is for.  

​QUEST NAME: Heimdallr Catacombs Monster
DATE: 7/18 – Tuesday
LOCATION: Imperial Museum Catacombs – Heimdallr

Make your way to the lower levels of the Imperial Museum Catacombs, it is here where you will face another boss. This one unlike the other fiends you have faced before has the ability to cast Vanish on one of your party members and if it does this that member will then be out of action for a while. They will return however but with zero EP. 
Otherwise just attack it until it reaches Guard Break and then finish it with S-Crafts. 

​QUEST NAME: South Ostia Highway Monster
DATE: 7/18 – Tuesday
LOCATION: South Ostia Highway 

When on this map if you look closely you should be able to see a little red dot, this is where this monster lies and it’s a creepy looking Spider sheesh..
Anyway make sure to equip your team with both Confuse and Sleep resistant accessories (I actually forgot about the Confuse part in my video ha!)
Anyway as long as you have resistance to those you should be okay, like previous bosses just try and Guard Break it and then finish it off with S-Craft abilities. 

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