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Just like with the past Trails of Cold Steel games, Trails Of Cold Steel 3 also has plentiful of optional Side Quests for you to delve into and hopefully complete.

​Some of which are missable and have a set time limit in order to complete them too. Below is a guide on how to complete all of the Chapter 4 Side Quests and where to find each one. 

​QUEST NAME: Rock & a Hard Place
DATE: 7/4 – Tuesday (Before Exams)
LOCATION: Rooftop – Thor’s Campus

This one is quite a simple side quest really that doesn’t really require much effort, though considering it is the first quest in the chapter it may come to no real surprise.
Anyway speak to Valerie who seems to be having some issues and feeling like she doesn’t really belong. After that your next destination is 2F where you should hopefully find Gustaf, upon speaking to him you will learn a bit more about how Gustaf feels regarding Valerie. 
From there the only other person we now need to talk to is Pablo who you will find at the Campus Cafeteria, after speaking to him return to Valerie to end the quest, simple.

​QUEST NAME: Where’s the Rum gone? (Missable?)
DATE: 7/8 (Saturday Night)
LOCATION: Nyo Imports (Leeves)

Now I’m unsure if this is missable or not, I think you can potentially exchange items and accessories for it but as I always end up with the Rum to begin with I’m unsure, sorry.

Anyway when you speak to Randolph he will mention that he wants a specific kind of Rum and sadly the shop he is in doesn’t have it. Now where I managed to get this is in the past chapter and thus I’m unsure if this is missable or not. You can always check the exchange shop as it does often sell potential items that have been missed in previous chapter but as I already had it, I alas didn’t see it. 

Anyway I managed to get it from Chapter 3 – Riviera Court (Ordis)

Edit: It can also be got from the Exchange Store.

​QUEST NAME: Is This Your Card?
DATE: 7/9 – Sunday
LOCATION: Neinvalli Exchange – Leeves

Up on speaking to Jingo she will let you know about a special pack of Cards that she has, the catch is in order to continue the quest you will need to spend 5,000 Mira, go ahead and do so. 
From there your next destination will be School – 2F where you will need to speak to Stark, here you will find out that these cards belong to him. Now eventually you will have the option of either accepting 100,000 mira or refusing his offer. if you refuse his offer you will gain extra AP otherwise if you do not want the extra AP you can instead simply accept the mira, that choice is up to you. 

​QUEST NAME: Liza’s Gift
DATE: 7/9 – Sunday
LOCATION: Bakery & Cafe – Leeves

This quest is simply a fend and fetch type of quest. You are tasked with heading to various different locations and either finding or speaking to certain key individuals in order to find a sheet of paper that has been written by Liza’s lover. The following locations that you need to go to are as follows:

1) Leeves Station – Note on one of the benches
2) Church/Chapel – The person you want to speak to is Father Henry
3) Vegetable Garden – Next to the Tree

Once you have examined the Tree, Liza will arrive and you will finish the quest.

​QUEST NAME: The Radio Stars
DATE: 7/9 – Sunday
LOCATION: Radio Trista – Leeves

For this one Munk will want you to perform a play for the Radio, now there are several different routes you can opt for in this one. However, we personally went for the whole Engineering aspect to the story and thus this quest will be done with that in mind. After the conversation with Munk ends you will want to head for the Hangar and speak to Mint, who after some dialogue will accept to help out the Radio Station.
You will then be tasked with certain dialogue options and answering them all correctly will give you bonus AP.

1) Thank Neun nonchalantly
2) Urge her sternly

​QUEST NAME: Maya’s Malaise 
DATE: 7/9 – Sunday
LOCATION: Pool / Training Ground

It seems that something is troubling Maya and Rean is determined to find out what. Thus you will now be tasked with heading to different areas and speaking to certain individuals

+ Dorm 1F: Randolph
+ Academy Field: Jessica
+ Clubhouse/Pool Training Ground: Leonora
+ Lapin Boutique: Sidney

After talking to everyone, return to Maya and end the quest

​QUEST NAME: White-Hot Swimming Competition
DATE: 7/9 – Sunday
LOCATION: Clubhouse

This one is basically just a swimming competition side quest, as the name suggests. Simply pick someone to compete in several different races and winning each one will grant an additional AP point, if you end up winning the last one you will gain an extra 2 additional AP point. You can always retry if you fail to win

​QUEST NAME: Does it belong in a Museum?
DATE: 7/15 – Saturday
LOCATION: Imperial Museum – Heimdallr (Leica District)

It seems as though Rilke has found himself a possible artifact for his museum. However, he is unsure if its a safe object to have laying around for visitors to come and look at.
So your job here is to head for South Ostia Highway, here Rean will automatically equip the Artifact and as the game prompts you cannot remove it. 
Your next goal is to defeat around 4-5 different fiends on this section of the map and when you have defeated enough, you can report back to Rilke and finish the quest.

​QUEST NAME: Empty Nest
DATE: 7/15 – Saturday
LOCATION: Holy Flat Apartments (Heimdallr) Vesta Street

For this one you will be tasked with needing to find and capture Bernard’s Parakeet, Chucky. You will find him at the following locations:

+ Sank District (Near Fountain)
+ Bus Stop (On roof of stand)
+ Street Light (to the North)
+ Amongst the Pigeons (At the Fountain)
+ Hotel Valar (2F Bed)

​QUEST NAME: Riding the Orbal Waves
DATE: 7/15 – Saturday
LOCATION: Lumiere Orbal Factory (Heimdallr)

For this one you will be given a specific device to scan certain areas for anything suspicious. You will want to scan the following areas:

1) Anywhere in the open (Wave Intensity: 102. Analysis: Normal)
2) Le Sage Boutique (Wave Intensity: 109. Analysis: Normal)
3) 3-way Junction (Wave Intensity: 113. Analysis: Normal)
4) Plaza Bifrost (Wave Intensity: 117. Analysis: Normal)
5) Watson Armory (Wave Intensity: 121. Analysis: Normal)
6) Plaza Bifrost (Side Entrance) (Wave Intensity: 139. Analysis: Elevated)
7) Section between Plaza Bifrost and Imperial Chronicle (Wave Intensity: 152. Analysis: High)
8) Imperial Chronicle (Wave Intensity: 197. Analysis: Warning)
9) Red Van ((Wave Intensity: 175. Analysis: Warning) *MISSABLE/SKIPPABLE* However getting this one also grants some extra AP

After getting them all you can then head for the Imperial Chronicle and after a bit more dialogue you can then return to Johannes to end the quest

​QUEST NAME: Legendary Recipe
DATE: 7/15 – Saturday
LOCATION: Ostia Camp – Heimdallr

For this one you will be tasked with needing to find three specific Mushrooms. Thankfully these are marked on the map with a Green Icon, thus all you need to do is head to the following places:

+ South Ostia Highway
+ West Ostia Highway
+ Heimdallr Underground 2

Note: You may need to progress the story a bit in order to unlock certain areas

​QUEST NAME: A Lost & Distant Boy
QUEST GIVER: Roscoe & Bella
DATE: 7/16 – Sunday
LOCATION: Dreichels Plaza – Heimdallr

For this one you will need to find their lost son, Artem. You can do so by going to the following areas:

Leica District – Lady Laniela
Vainqueur Street – Chris 
Vesta Street – Dolce
Racecourse Plaza – Here is where he actually is and can be found

After finding and speaking to Artem the quest will then end

​QUEST NAME: Melody of the Past
QUEST GIVER: President Morgan
DATE: 7/17 – Monday
LOCATION: Reiveldt Company – Heimdallr

Once you have spoken with Morgan about a Music Box, you will then be tasked with talking to both Michael and Claire and they will be located at the following locations:

Major Michael – Field Camp
Claire – Dreichel’s Plaza (Near the Fountain)

Speak to them both and then return to Morgan in order to end the quest.

​QUEST NAME: A-da to Frit-Z
QUEST GIVER: Fritz and Ada
DATE: 7/17 – Monday
LOCATION: Vander Training Hall

Simple one that just requires you to speak to either Fritz or Ada and eventually it leads to a Soldat Mech fight, they are not particularly powerful and it’s mainly the head and arms that are their most vulnerable spots.

QUEST NAME: The Cryptid Keeper
QUEST GIVER: Imperial Household Agency
DATE: 7/17 – Monday
LOCATION: West Ostia Highway – Heimdallr

For this one you will be required to take down another Cryptid, this one is actually a cake walk as long as you bring Musse. Also, make sure to equip your party with Burn and Faint resist accessories too.

Anyway to easily beat this boss start the fight with Divine Song Order and then use Musse to cast Blue Ascension to cause some major damage and then when it goes into Break just finish it off with S-Craft

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