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Just like with the past Trails of Cold Steel games, Trails Of Cold Steel 3 also has plentiful of optional Side Quests for you to delve into and hopefully complete.

​Some of which are missable and have a set time limit in order to complete them too. Below is a guide on how to complete all of the Chapter 3 Side Quests and where to find each one. 

​QUEST NAME: Tip of the Spear
DATE: 6/10 – Saturday
LOCATION: Training Ground – Campus

This one is actually really easy despite the fact that your having to use Jessica on a one-on-one against Rean. The most simple and easiest method to win this is to use Earth Pulse to keep yourself healed, Piercing Blitz (this should lower Rean’s defence), then after that just keep spamming him with Cold Nail (this should freeze Rean and make him miss a turn). If you keep doing this and all in this order you should be fine!

​QUEST NAME: A Very Special Lesson
DATE: 6/11 Sunday
LOCATION: Chapel – Leeves

You are tasked with being a substitute teacher for a day, here you will need to recruit your sister Elise from the Branch Campus Dorm. After more dialogue you will then be tasked on answering questions, answer with the following replies;

1) Market Town
2) The Wind
3) Snowboarding
4) Answer with however you feel (You gain nothing from this one)

​QUEST NAME: Follow Your Dream Job
DATE: 6/11 – Sunday
LOCATION: Bridge – Leeves

​QUEST NAME: Precious Gift for Precious People
DATE: 6/11 – Sunday
LOCATION: Barney’s Tavern & Inn (Leeves)

It seems that Tita is in a bit of a predicament as she wants to send gifts to her friends but is unsure on what exactly to get. Your first port of call is Nyo Imports. 
Here speak to Old Man Rod and select the option ‘Choose Gift’ and the one you want is ‘Eastern Tea’. Your next task is to head for Carnegie Books & Games where you will want to do the same thing but this time select the ‘Scenery of Erebonia’. Now your last port of call is Lapin Boutique and this time before heading straight to the checkout if you look around you should seem some familiar faces (Elise), talk to these in order to unlock the correct option at the checkout. 
The last gift you will want to buy is a ‘Stylish Knit Hat’, after purchasing this one you should now be able to end the quest.

​QUEST NAME: Way of the Tea Ceremony
DATE: 6/11 – Sunday
LOCATION: Clubhouse (Thors Branch Campus)

Poor Kairi is feeling depressed and is thinking about leaving the Tea Ceremony Club. He joined the club to become more manly but he doesn’t think it is working out very well.
Reply with the following responses to pass this one..

1) Eat Everything
2) Bow head for grace
3) Wipe cup with fingertips

​QUEST NAME: Yacht-a Yacht-a
DATE: 6/17 – Saturday
LOCATION: Harbor District – Ordis

You will find Eston hiding in his little harbor office, he will want you to inspect and gather payment from all of the different yacht/boat owners in the area (these will all be marked on the map with a green marker)
Thus inspect and talk to all of the little green marks on the map in order to collect the necessary fees, now once you have finished speaking to the final one, another boat will appear and its obvious that this boat is rather big.
Up on talking to this owner you will realise something is wrong as he is only paying for a semi-big boat whilst his boat should be classed as big instead. Now in order to get the maximum amount of rewards for this you will need to speak to the nearby Sailors BEFORE reporting back to Eston

​QUEST NAME: Love me Jaded
QUEST GIVER: Strauss Orbal Factory
DATE: 6/17 – Saturday
LOCATION: North Street – Ordis

Once you have spoken to the client you will now need to find a specific shell. The shell can be found on the Auros Coastal Road on the actual beach, now once you have picked up the shell here you can report back to the client HOWEVER, in order to get the maximum amount of rewards you will need to continue searching for even more shells. If you look around after collecting the first shell you should now see yet more shiny objects, thus go around and pick all of these objects up until you see a scene where Ash finds a shell. Once Ash finds his shell you can then report back and end the quest

​QUEST NAME: Gasping for Flair
DATE: 6/17 – Saturday
LOCATION: Hermit Bar & Inn – Raquel

Turns out that Gaspar has lost a rather precious and expensive jewel. Now your first port of call is the nearby Train Station where the team will find out that Gaspar was trying to show off and look ”cool” with the jewel, however it isn’t here regardless. The team will now want to head for the Theatre. After inspecting the Theatre you could report back to Gaspar HOWEVER, in order to get the maximum amount of rewards for this one you will want to instead report back to McEnroe’s Pawn Shop. After speaking to McEnroe the game will then automatically take you to the culprit who does actually have the jewel and you can eventually end the quest.

​QUEST NAME: Night Rider
DATE: 6/17 (Saturday / Night)
LOCATION: Ikaros Mart – Raquel

This quest is only available on the night time and you need to have four party members, so progress the story until then. After which you should be able to find Cathy inside Ikaros Mart. 
Apparently the manager of the Mart and Cathy’s brother is missing and perhaps something bad has happened to him and thus we need to help find him.
As you are now free to explore West Languedoc Canyon Road, I suggest you do so. You will find the missing brother marked with a red marker on the map. However, before you can save him you will need to fight an Abyss Worm which isn’t exactly too tough, simply use your Orders to increase your attack and spam S-Craft until its in Break and then just finish it off. Otherwise, just keep delaying it.

​QUEST NAME: Gustaf’s Gunpowder
DATE: 6/17 – Saturday
LOCATION: Lamare – Field Camp

For this one Gustaf will want at least two different items in order to make the Gunpowder, he will want a:

* Saltpeter:  West Lamare Highway 1
*  Sulfur: Rock Patio

In order to get these you may need to continue the story in order to unlock the areas in which they are in. Thankfully the map will point out where the item is once you get there, with a green marker. 

​QUEST NAME: Mystery of the Old Map
DATE: 6-18 Sunday
LOCATION: Auros Coastal Road – Lamare

You can find Aleister hiding between the rocks near the Fishing Spot. Apparently he has a Treasure Map and wants someone else to dig up the Treasure for him, eventually you will end up needing to run around and look for various different Treasure Chests and Maps.
Go to the following areas IN THIS SPECIFIC ORDER

1) Juno Naval Fortress – 
Under the bridge (Treasure Map)
2) Lamare Field Camp – Behind the Tree (Travel Log / Faded Crystal)


​QUEST NAME: A Keepsake Lost
QUEST GIVER: Charlotte
DATE: 6/18 – Festival Night
LOCATION: Habor District – Ordis

Upon speaking to Charlotte it turns out that she has lost a valuable pendant of hers. This pendant can easily be found by simply heading to the Fountain over at the Ordis – Business District. After finding it and listening to more dialogue the quest will then end

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