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Just like with the past Trails of Cold Steel games, Trails Of Cold Steel 3 also has plentiful of optional Side Quests for you to delve into and hopefully complete.

​Some of which are missable and have a set time limit in order to complete them too. Below is a guide on how to complete all of the Chapter 2 Side Quests and where to find each one. 

​QUEST NAME: Book BL-Under
DATE: 5/13 (Saturday) (Night)
LOCATION: Leeves Chapel – Leeves

Apparently Tatiana has managed to loose one of her books, turns out that someone else accidentally picked it up thinking it was theirs and thus we need to get it back to her.
Your first port of call is the Bakery shop (Rocette) and you will need to speak to Liza who will mention that the book was probably taken by the Farmer, Cain.
You will now need to head for Barney’s Tavern and speak to Cain who is sitting alone to complete the quest. 

​QUEST NAME: Pocket Watch Repair
QUEST GIVER: Mayor Haddock
DATE: 5/14 (Sunday)
LOCATION: Mayor’s Home – Leeves

For this one you will need to find different parts to repair the broken Pocket Watch. You will now need to go to the following places:

Hangar –
Nyo Imports – Old Man Rod
Campus Garden – Tita
School 2F – Pablo

Then return to the Mayor to end the quest

​QUEST NAME: Present Whereabouts
QUEST GIVER: Old Lady Chammy
DATE: 5/14 (Sunday)
LOCATION: Outside the Mayor’s House. Leeves

You will find Chammy pacing around outside the Mayor’s house, turns out she has lost a gift box. After a few more scenes of dialogue you will now have Cerberus the small puppy following you around. You will now need to make the puppy sniff out the gift box. The following areas will need to be investigated:

* Examine the spot on the floor closest to Chammy
* Nyo Imports – Old Man Rod
* Bridge to the East (Right of Nyo Imports)

This should now end the quest.

​QUEST NAME: Reaching New Heights
QUEST GIVER: Principle Aurelia
DATE: 5/14 (Sunday)
LOCATION: Pool / Training Ground. Campus

Warning this one can be a tough one to complete as Aurelia has some serious abilities that will do some major damage and her Craft ability has a good chance to one-shot you, thus you will most likely die and get a Game Over so I highly advise you to buy the required equipment from the Leeves Exchange store, particularly the Proxy Necklace that will revive you this was a very important piece of gear for me during this fight, so prepare well before taking this one on.

Take advantage of the Order abilities particularly Divine Song which will cast any magic straight away and thus you can instantly heal yourself if need be and cast any damaging spells you may have too. 

Also I highly advise you to use the Iron Will Order when she goes into Military Might form as this means that she will do twice the damage and even use her Craft ability to one-shot you.

Use items to strengthen your abilities and keep out of her Dynast Sunder as this will lower your ATS and Strength stats. 

​QUEST NAME: Sidney’s Sadness
DATE: 5/14 (Sunday)
LOCATION: Student Cafeteria / Campus

You will find Sidney looking rather depressed at the Cafeteria, turns out he is upset that his scores from training are really low and thus he has lost motivation. You will now need to head for the following areas:

Books & Games – Randolph
Either Dorm 2F or Clubhouse – Maya

This should end the quest

​QUEST NAME: Revenge of the Swimming Lessons
DATE: 5/14 (Sunday)
LOCATION: Pool / Training Ground

This one is quite simple, you will be competing in a swimming race and will need to beat Rean using Wayne. The game tells you how to swim and if you fail you can always retry it without any real issue. If you managed to play Trails II then you will have no problems in doing this as it uses the same mechanic.
Beat Rean to complete this one. 

​QUEST NAME: The Great Crossbell Bake Off
DATE: 5/20 (Saturday)
LOCATION: Morges Bakery (Crossbell – West St)

For this one you will need to cook several different meals, so hopefully by now you will have plenty of recipes available. These meals need to be cooked to perfection, in other words they need to be unique.
Now to complete this quest you need to cook at least 3 different meals before handing them in. However, to get the quest completely finished meaning the maximum reward. You will need to cook 7 different meals and don’t forget that there is a Grocery shop nearby if needed. 
​In order to find out who the best cook is and for what meal go to this page here: Recipes

​QUEST NAME: Mishy Merch
DATE: 5/20 (Saturday)
LOCATION: Derfflinger – Car 1

For this one you will need to find a specific Mishy Strap, thankfully it isn’t difficult to get one. First off you will need to exchange x2 Dried Salmon which can be found at Marte’s stall on East Street of Crossbell City. Once you have those you can then head to the exchange shop opposite for the Mishy Strap. With the Strap in hand you can then hand it over to Louise back at the Camp to end the quest. 

​QUEST NAME: Do Me This Favor
DATE: 5/20 (Saturday)
LOCATION: Crossbell City Harbor (Heiyuue Trading Ltd)

This one is has a fishing requirement to it, Xin wants a briefcase which can be found at Ursuala Road 1 (it will conveniently be marked on the map). You will need to use Juna in order to fish for the briefcase and once you have it you will be able to end the quest

​QUEST NAME: E Crossbell Highway Monster
QUEST GIVER: Crossbell Police
DATE: 5/21 (Sunday)
LOCATION: East Crossbell Highway 3

Your task is to vanquish a foe lurking at Highway 3, thankfully when you arrive it will be marked on the map. It’s not exactly a powerful foe just make use of the Orders and go ham! Emma’s S-Craft is actually really helpful as to is Alisa’s Heavenly Gift as it will void the enemies attacks. 

​QUEST NAME: Geofront F Sector Monster
QUEST GIVER: Crossbell Police
DATE: 5/21 (Sunday)
LOCATION: Geofront F Sector 3

You can fast travel to Geofront F Sector 3 by going to Crossbell City Station > Geofront F Sector Interior. Thankfully this fight is also rather easy, just like with the quest above use Emma’s S-Craft to avoid damage, Alisa to help boost your overall CP and just wail on it!

​QUEST NAME: Where is my meowster?
DATE: 5/21 (Sunday)
LOCATION: Harbor District (Crossbell)

This one is a rather cute one, you will be tasked on trying to find a missing girl who is trying to rescue Lloyd and the others. After agreeing and accepting the quest you will then need to find several Bus Stops at the following locations;

West Street Entrance
East Street Entrance

After doing so you will discover that the girl is known as Mimi and that her dad is also looking for her too, this will then automatically take you into a battle against some Blade Fangs, defeat them to end the quest

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