(TOCS3) Trails Of Cold Steel III : July 5th (Chapter 4) Correct Exam / Test Answers Guide

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During the start of Chapter 4 of Trails of Cold Steel III you will end up encountering a section where you will be tasked with answering several different test/exam answers, and if you get them all correct you will end up getting some lovely juicy bonus AP.
There are 6 different questions that you need to answer and they spread from July 5th – July 8th. The correct answers are the following:

1st Period – History: Fourth Prince Orthros
2nd Period – Physics: A bullet spinning clockwise skews right
1st Period – Military Studies: While engaging, attack from behind.
1st Period – Political Economics: Capital Gain
2nd Period – Art: Look to the Sky
1st Period – Combat Skills: Cloth > Charcoal > Sand > Pebbles

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