(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Enhanced Jaeger – Rifle (Chronicle Of Battle)

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Enhanced Jaeger – Rifle is one of the many fights that you will encounter within (TOCS4) Trails of Cold Steel IV.

If you scan the enemy you will get a complete list of their abilities and weaknesses, doing so will also add them to your Battle Notebook too. All of which contributes towards the Chronicle Of Battle trophy achievement

  • ENEMY: Enhanced Jaeger – Rifle
  • CHAPTER: ACT / CHAPTER 1: The Trails Of Class VII
  • LOCATION: Hamel Road 2
  • AP BONUS?: 
  • LEVEL: 60
  • HP: 26850
  • EXP: 816
  • ITEMS: U-Material, EP Charge II
  • INFO: Enhanced jaeger employed by Ouroboros, armed with a rifle. Follows orders unquestioningly with chilling precision.


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