(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – List Of All Enemies (Chronicle of Battle) Guide

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Chronicle Of Battle is one of the many different trophies and achievements within (TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV

Chronicle Of Battle requires the player to complete the battle section of the Notebook, this means you need to scan every enemy that you come across.

You can scan enemies using either Battle Scope items or abilities. Thankfully you do NOT need to scan the enemies that can be found under the EXTRA section of the battle Notebook. This usually involves the various boss battles that you encounter


ACT / CHAPTER 1: The Trails Of Class VII

Saint-Gral Labyrinth 1

Eerie Woods (South)

Isthmia Great Forest

West Sutherland Highway

South Sutherland Highway

South Sutherland Highway 2

Old Agria Road

Draco Shrine

Parm Byroad 1

Parm Byroad 2

Hamel Road

Hamel Road 2

Saint-Gral Labyrinth 2

Eerie Woods (North)

Avon Hills

Milsante Byroad 1

Luna Shrine

Milsante Road 2

North Languedoc Canyon Road 1 & 2

Old Lamarre Road

Osgiliath Basin

Saint-Gral Labyrinth (Phase 3)

East Crossbell Highway

Geofront X

Ursula Road 1,2 and 3

Stella Shrine

Lake Elm Wetlands

Saint-Gral Labyrinth (Phase 4)

Black Workshop


Bryonia Island

West Lamare Highway

  • Creepy Sheep
  • Fell Broodmother
  • Hinomikoto
  • Hornbore
  • Iglute Garmr
  • Omegacean
  • Silver Drome

Ordis Waterway

  • Golden Pom
  • Absorbling
  • Captain Engels
  • IDF Member (Blonde)
  • IDF Member (Dark Haired)
  • Major Claire
  • Murder Organ
  • Red Hammerhead
  • Red Rossweisse
  • RMP Troop Member
  • Runaway Sheep – Trial Monster
  • Tomb Beetle

(List Currently Still In Progress…)


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