Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 (Remake) – Downtown All Challenges / Goals Guide

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The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series is back and we feel rather nostalgic with our latest guide.

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 (Remake) consists of all of the tracks that where featured in the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 games, only redone and they look glorious too.

Anyway for this guide we will be focusing on the various different challenges and goals that each level will consist of. Each level has it’s own unique set of goals and challenges that you can try and pull off, most of which usually contain grinding on various different rails, destroying bells, pulling off enough tricks to earn a certain amount of points and so on..

This specific guide however, will hopefully guide you on how to complete all of the various different goals and challenges on the Downtown stage

Let’s begin!


As soon as the stage begins you should be able to find your first letter ‘S’ right in front of you on the right side, jump and grind the ledge here in order to get it

The next letter ‘K’ can be found hovering above the water fountain here

The letter ‘A’ can be found just outside the Theatre

The letter ‘T’ can be found rather close to the letter ‘A’, it is inside the glass bridge nearby

If you head down the opposite road to where the letter ‘A’ was found, you should encounter the letter ‘E’ a little bit North from the glass bridge and the letter ‘T’. Once you have the letter ‘E’ you should then have them all

The letter ‘E’ will be sitting high on a rail so use the nearby ramp in order to get it


If you head towards the Theatre and look up at the nearby shop signs you should hopefully spot this rather nice looking bucket of Popcorn. It is to the North East of the large water Fountain

Head inside the Theatre here, then jump and grind the red rails on the ceiling you should hopefully come across your next tasty box

If you head through the window here, then follow the path up to the rooftop. You should be able to find the next Popcorn box in the small greenhouse here

Facing the same direction as the image above, continue on and smash through the large windows ahead to find the next one (Doing this may also count towards the Rooftop Goals too)

Head towards the water Fountain and you should hopefully find the last remaining Popcorn Bucket just above the large RIB FEST sign board here. Whoo now I need to go and buy me some Popcorn, I’m hungry..


This first one can be found near the water Fountain, you are looking for rather small white signs which have the words ‘NO SKATEBOARDING’ written on it, well screw that! Break it by riding into it

The next one can be found on a raised section near the water Fountain. The raised section will feature several tables and chairs alongside the breakable sign of course

This next one can be found along the street just left of the last sign and near the Downtown Mall store

Continue on along the road and the final one can be found just outside the actual Theatre building


If you have been following my entire guide so far (or at least the Popcorn Bucket section), or if you already have all of the Popcorn Buckets for that matter then chances are you will of already got this one.

If you have already collected the Secret Tape then you will already have this one. Just make sure to land on the building in front of.

You can get the third and final Rooftop Gap by staying on the building that you would of landed on in order to get the second Rooftop Gap, and use the ramp in the above image to jump off the actual building. Instead of just casually falling off it or something, yes that ramp is rather necessary.


Once again head through the window here and ride the path back to the rooftops. Head inside the ramp ring here (right image)

The Secret Tape can be found between this building that you are currently on and the one right in front of you (in the image above)


In order to be able to perform this one we will need to know how to pull off an Ollie move, this is actually quite a simple move to do. Simply hit the (X = PS4) or (A = XBox One) whilst in mid air in order to do this one.

There will be a total of 3 parked cars that you can find and the first one can be found if you ignore all of the forks in the road and continue along the road as soon as you start this stage

One down two more to go!

Continue along the road and once again ignore any turns and forks that you may come across. However, when you reach the truck in the above image, you can then take a left turn along the next road to spot the next car

After completing that car take the nearby ramp up and onto the next road to find the final parked car


The first one can be found just outside the actual Theatre building

Head inside the window here and ride to the rooftops, then head into the ramp circle (marked in the image above) The next Stat Point can be found inside this ramp circle

Head back through the window and back in the circle ramp (if you for whatever reason left it after collecting the last Stat Point). This time we will want to jump from this building rooftop to the next one (this is where or will be where you obtained one of the Rooftop Gap goals)

The next Stat Point can be found up here on the next rooftop

This one can be found on the other side of the raised platform which will or did have one of the ‘No Skateboarding’ signs on it


The VV collectible can be found near the actual Theatre building, just above the glass bridge which has or did have the latter ‘T’ in it.

In order to get it you will need to head through the nearby window here. This will lead to the rooftop and an easier way to obtain that collectible!


Head through the glass window here and ride to the rooftops and then head into the ramp circle

Now for the tricky part, slow down at this point as we need to be careful not to fall. If you do indeed fall off the building then just try again.

Anyway in the image above and the specific section with the trash bags you want to basically go up and over this BUT you want to land on the small platform on the other side of this

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