Trek To Yomi – All Secrets Artifacts (Health, Stamina) Chapter 6 Guide

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Trek To Yomi features many different upgrades and collectibles, these include health, stamina, and shuriken upgrades.

Getting them all will help contribute towards the This will come in handy and Dedicated Collector trophy achievement

Trek to Yomi features a total of 7 chapters, this particular page will be focused on Chapter 6. This chapter features a total of 13 collectibles


COLLECTIBLE: Yutsu-Tsuma-Gushi (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: It is said that Izanagi, the creator, set fire to his own comb, Yutsu-tsuma-gushi, to light the shadows of Yomi, and gaze once more upon the face of his dead love Izanami, though she begged him not to. He could not bear to be without her, for all the dread of what he might see.
LOCATION: You can find this first artifact sitting on the floor next to a checkpoint

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: You can find is one shortly after climbing up a ledge.

COLLECTIBLE: Maggots (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Disgusting creatures! Yomi is a land of rot and corruption – a land of maggots. When Izanagi gazed upon dead Izanami’s face, against her best wishes, it was these foul beasts that spewed from her ruptured flesh. Horrified by what had become of his beauteous love, he ran.
LOCATION: From the last stamina upgrade, simply head up the nearby hill to find this one.

COLLECTIBLE: Ebikazura Grapes (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Outraged that her husband had broken his word and run from her. Izanami summoned Yomotsu shikome, the frightful hag of Yomi, to prevent Izanagi’s escape. Izanagi threw down his head-dress, whereupon it was transformed into glistening grapes. Though the Shikome paused to devour them, this did not slow the hag’s murderous passage.
LOCATION: You can find the Ebikazura Grapes sitting by the fallen rocks, next to a checkpoint.

COLLECTIBLE: Thunder Drum (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Raging at Izanagi’s betrayal, Izanami birthed the thunder spirit Raijin from her very flesh, and sent her new child to pursue her fleeing husband. With the sound of drums does Raijin herald his deadly arrival. So it is that Yomi is home to fury as well as loss.
LOCATION: You can find the Thunder Drum inside a damaged second floor building. It sits on one of the wooden planks.

COLLECTIBLE: Ookamuduminomikoto (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: As Izanagi fled from the horrors of Yomi, he threw a comb at monstrous hag. Shikome stopped her pursuit in order to eat bamboo shoots made from his comb. Raijins and their army joined the chase, when they didn’t stop after he brandished otsuka-no-tsorugi, he threw the peaches at the large crowd chasing him, then escaped.
LOCATION: Well this is a bit of a long and complex name for an artifact. Anyway to find it we will need to find the stairs leading up to the shrine. Here you will find it next to the trees.

COLLECTIBLE: Totsuka-No-Tsurugi (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: With his sacred totsuka blade, Izanagi bravely stood against the foul Shikome who pursued him through the land of the darkness. Doubtless, though, this is merely the lost sword of another dead man, forever lost to Yomi’s corruption.
LOCATION: You will find this next artifact also next to a tree, just before you cross a small bridge.

COLLECTIBLE: Naginata Tip (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: There is no greater symbol of the love Izanagi and Izanami once shared than Amenonuhoko, the spear of making, a Naginata, like this one. With this, from the heavens above they churned the sea below and raised up Onogoroshima, the first land. There they built their palace, and planned their family. They could not know the horror that awaited them. It is said that Amenonuhoko is now hidden far from sight, for it can be used to unmake the world, just as it was once used to create it.
LOCATION: Continue on through the fire and past the rickety bridge. You will find this artifact here.

COLLECTIBLE: Stamina Upgrade
LOCATION: From the Naginata Tip artifact simply continue on, down the burning wooden path. You will then find this one next to a tree.

COLLECTIBLE: Health Upgrade
LOCATION: Head across the wibbly wobbly bridge. The upgrade is at the shrine just after this bridge.

COLLECTIBLE: Tainted Clothing (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: Shaken by his terrible experience in Yomi, Izanagi sought to cleanse himself of its corruption by bathing in the lake Misogi. Amaterasu, the sun, was born as he washed his left eye. Tsukuyomi, the moon, came from the right eye. From his mouth, Shina-tsu-hiko, the wind. From his nose emerged Susano, the storm. And from his discarded clothes came twelve more great kami. Thus began the age of the heavenly rulers.
LOCATION: Head to the pier and you will find the collectible.

COLLECTIBLE: Yomotsu Hirasaka (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: This is an image of Yomotsu Hirasaka, the gateway in our world to Yomi. Once he had escaped from the land of the darkness, Izanagi sealed the entrance with a boulder. Behind it, his dead love Izanami raged, and swore to drag a thousand souls to Yomi each day. Izanagi swore to birth fifteen hundred souls a day to overcome this. Thus Izanami’s vengeful fury began the cycle of life and death, the great wheel which I myself now turn upon. Do I approach the end, or the beginning?
LOCATION: You can find this artifact on a barrier structure next to both a building and checkpoint.

COLLECTIBLE: Onusa (Artifact)
DESCRIPTION: To this day, we purify ourselves as Izanagi himself did after wading through the filth of Yomi, to cleanse ourselves of pollution and sin. When there is not running water, the nusa wand can be used to cast out corruption. This is a welcome sight, yet I know all the nusa in the land could not cleanse me now.
LOCATION: You can find this final artifact sitting on a wagon



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