V Rising – How To Get Explosives (Explosive Box) Guide

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As you continue on through the world of V Rising you will stumble across times where you will need to find and use explosives.

One such explosive is the Minor Explosive Box, which can, of course, help destroy doors and barricades to various locations.

One location in which you will need to use an explosive is at the Bandit Stronghold, where you can encounter Quincey the Bandit King

In order to find these Minor Explosive Boxes, we can simply create one. This will require the use of the Alchemy Table, which we can get from finding and defeating Clive the Firestarter

With the Alchemy Table we can then find out how to create a Minor Explosive Box, and what materials we will need to now find and use.

It seems that we will need to find Sulphur, Planks, and Whetstones in order to create the Minor Explosive Box.

SULPHUR – We can get this from the Bandit Sulphur Quarry.

PLANKS – For this material we can gather lumber from trees in order to create a Sawmill. This will then give us planks.

WHETSTONES – We can find the whetstone at the Bandit Armory. Alternatively we can get the whetstone recipe from Grayson the Armourer

With the correct number of materials we should now be able to create the Minor Explosive Box.


A box full of explosives, handle with care. Can be used to destroy Massive Resource Veins, Walls and Doors.


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