V Rising – Quincey The Bandit King (V Blood Carrier) Location Guide

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Quincey The Bandit King is another V Blood carrier that becomes available after you have completed the Blood Hunt mission

From there we can then begin searching for Quincey The Bandit King

Quincey The Bandit King is a level 37 mission quest that can be collected by interacting with the Blood Altar. The same way as we did to search for the Alpha Wolf

By interacting with the Blood Altar we can then proceed to track and search for our target.

You should be able to find and locate Quincey the Bandit King over at the Bandit Stronghold, north of the Farbane Woods.

If it is your first time at the Bandit Stronghold you will quickly find out that the entrance to the camp is locked. In order to unlock it we basically need to blow the gate open.

We can destroy the gate using an explosive such as an explosive box.

Once inside the stronghold continue on and you should come across Quincey, who is currently being accompanied by his Poacher minions.

Quincey the Bandit King mainly fights using both a large shield and a mace. With these weapons he is able to swing at his targets and even cause tremors to suddenly appear along the ground.


The ‘King’ of the bandits, once heralded as a hero of the common people in Dunley. His lack of proper reverence for the Church of Luminance saw him driven into Farbane, where his powers in battle earned the respect of the banditry and, eventually, a place as their champion and king. He may have been a good man, once.

REWARDS: Chaos Barrier (Powers), Merciless Charge (Powers), Smithy (Structures), Tailoring Bench (Structures), Iron Ingot (Recipes), Iron Weapons (Recipes), Hollowfang Battlegear (Recipes)


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